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  • Transforming Fate into Destiny: 5-day Advanced Four Pillars – Chinese Astrology Master Class

    [three_fourth_first] Discover your Life Path and how to transform your Fate into Destiny Free yourself from the limitation...

    BaZi (Chinese Destiny Astrology) Mastery Certificate Program

    The BaZi (Chinese Destiny Astrology) Mastery Certificate Program is an intentionally designed 5-day course suitable for bo...

    Aligning with Destiny: An Interview with Feng Shui Master Marlyna Los

    Years ago, a young UBC journalism student named Gena Ellet wrote an article about me. She wrote it after I met her for...

    Hollyburn Country Club Womens Event – Keynote Speaker: Design your Destiny for 2016 with Feng Shui

    Design your Destiny for 2016 with Feng Shui. This event is closed to the public.

    A Feng Shui Perspective on Luck, Fate, and Destiny

    Fate, Destiny, and Luck are subjects that have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I’ve spent hours upon hours po...

    How to Design Your Destiny and Create Success in 2016

    A wise teacher said something years ago that has stuck with me ever since - “Suffering occurs when we are not in alignment...

    How I learned to step into my Destiny by changing my life with Feng Shui

    Did I ever tell you the story of how I came to my current “Destiny” of teaching and consul...

    Designing your Destiny – Is Everything Pre-determined?

    Designing your Destiny - it all begins with insight and understanding. How is this year going for you? For some o...

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