Consulting Services:


Simply put, a business with good Feng Shui is a business that empowers you with financial growth, happy employees, and an action plan for achieving your goals as a company.

There is nothing cookie-cutter about our approach: we create customized solutions for business of all shapes and sizes that are based directly on your specific goals.

Personal & Residential

Personal Consultation and Coaching is a powerful tool for creative positive change in your life. It includes a BaZi reading of your upcoming opportunities and challenges in your life. Learn how to follow the right energy flow rather than against it.

Where and how you live is also equally important to empowering your life and achieving your goals. After analysis and diagnosis, Residential coaching offers recommendations and solutions are discussed and presented with a plan of action.

Real Estate

Not all land is created equal. Before you submit that offer on the land, put a shovel in the ground, or design the building, a thorough site assessment and Feng Shui consultation will ensure you are harnessing the positive energy of any home or prospective piece of land.

Find out why we've been the secret weapon for real estate developers, architects, and designers across North America for years!