Personal & Residential Coaching

Personal and Residential Coaching help align your personal life and how you live in order to create the changes needed to achieve your goals. The goal is to make sure you are doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right place.

What is a Personal Feng Shui Consultation?

BaZi Chinese Astrology is a map of who you are and the opportunities and challenges that await you in life. It involves a thorough analysis of your particular situation and cosmic energy to produce a personalized BaZi chart. Your BaZi chart tells of your character, weaknesses, strengths, and at any given time the probabilities of potential and success.

Few people are aware of the presence of Feng Shui Masters who work behind the scenes for some of the most powerful and wealthy tycoons of Asia - advising on everything from what businesses to buy, hiring and managing of staff, investments, and strategic timing of decisions and actions.

One of BaZi’s most useful features is managing expectations. We can avoid problems and make better choices when we know the type of energy that’s coming. Once you understand this, life becomes about creating what you want and realizing the opportunities that await.

BaZi is used to:

  • Manage personal expectations
  • Character profiling and analysis of employees by management
  • Make informed decisions in your personal or business life
  • Make sound investment choices
  • Understand relationships
  • Strategic timing for important events

What is a Residential Feng Shui Consultation?

Residents who live in homes with good Feng Shui experience the benefits of more opportunities, positive mental well-being, increased energy, improved prosperity, strong positive relationships and life in general flows in a positive way. All methods used are practical and are focused on helping you achieve the results you wish for.

A Residential Consultation includes an on-site assessment, thorough analysis of the space, diagnosis, and a final report with actionable items.

Four aspects are considered in every Residential Consultation:

  • the Environment
  • the Building
  • the Occupants
  • Timing

Residential consultations are effective for personal residences, vacation homes, or investment properties, new property evaluations, pre-purchase consultations, home staging for selling purposes, and ongoing updates.

  • All Residential Consultations are done using the Classical Feng Shui methods of San He, San Yuan, Ba Zhai, and Xuan Kong.
  • What’s included in the Feng Shui Report?

    • A prioritized concrete to-do list
    • Long and short-term recommendations
    • Good dates and specific timing for activations and changes
    • Specific tips for achieving optimal Qi flow
    • The Feng Shui year change information to refer to

    Find the solution that fits your needs.

    Consultations vary in length and time according to size, complexity and number of occupants.