Limited Time Offer: 50% OFF Marlyna's book "Do You See What I See?" with coupon code "Love+Light"
Limited Time Offer: 50% OFF Marlyna's book "Do You See What I See?" with coupon code "Love+Light"

Change Your Space, Change Your Life

Change Your Space, Change Your Life

Design your space, to support your life for powerful and positive results .

More than ever before, we need our homes and work spaces to support our health, our relationships and our money. Where we live and work needs the right energy to be able to provide us with new opportunities and positive energy to relax, recharge and think clearly.

  • Would you like to have better sleeps and feel recharged when you wake up?
  • Are you able to think clearly of what actions and steps to take to move your life forward?
  • Are you feeling supported by the people in your life?
  • Are new opportunities coming your way?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, these are signs that your space may not be supporting you and that this workshop is for you.

Are you ready to make some changes?

Did you know that where we live has a direct influence on 33% of our destiny? Just like a seed in a garden needs the right conditions to thrive, so do we. When your space has a good energy flow, you have more flow in your life, you feel better, you sleep better, you have more energy and inspiration and you attract more opportunities in your life.

In this one day online workshop, you will learn

– How to analyze and see the visible and invisible energy that surrounds you.

– How you can turn your home into a space where you can relax, recharge, and have more energy and inspiration.

– How to create a space that supports you to have more opportunities and glow in your life, particularly focusing on financial and health results.

Let me guide you to transforming your life by simply moving your stuff. Even the smallest of changes can be the most powerful! Join me.

You’ll receive the login link to the virtual classroom and instructions upon registration. Each session is video recorded for later playback. No previous knowledge of Feng Shui is needed to attend this course.

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