Change Your Space, Change Your Life

An Introduction to Feng Shui

Redesign your life for powerful, positive results with Feng Shui Expert, Marlyna Los.

Your environment creates your mind and then your mind creates your destiny – Marlyna Los.

The practice of Feng Shui dates back to 4,700BC as a pseudoscience, originating in Chinese culture and utilizes the energy forces ever-present in the universe to harmonize individuals with their environment.

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up every morning happy, alert, and content?

33% of our destiny is influence by where we live. Why not make it the most welcoming and functional place it can be? Using the concepts and formulas of classical Feng Shui, improve the flow of your environment to allow opportunities and positive energy into your life in the areas of career, relationship, and health.

Are you happy?

Do you wake up tired mentally and physically?

Are opportunities coming your way?

For over thirty years, I have empowered my students to learn the tools necessary to change these negative responses into the positive. In my 1-day workshop, you will learn:

  • How to assess your home or office space according to Classical Feng Shui Principles
  • Often, superstition or new age Feng Shui can be misleading. I will teach you the way of the Ancient Masters
  • Essential information on interior Feng Shui
  • A simple understanding and easy-to-implement approach to Internal Feng Shui
  • To understand which areas of your home correlate with and impact your wealth, love, relationships and opportunities
  • What you can do to get what you want in the different areas of your life

Let me guide you to transforming your life by simply moving your stuff.  Even the smallest of changes can be the most powerful!

Find the right course for you.

The East West Academy Mastery curriculum for 2019 is presented as a choice of 3 Individual programs.