Upcoming Events Sept 9th - Rise Up and Finish Strong in 2022 [More Information](https://marlynaconsulting.com/course/rise-up-and-finish-strong-in-2022/)
Upcoming Events Sept 9th - Rise Up and Finish Strong in 2022 [More Information](https://marlynaconsulting.com/course/rise-up-and-finish-strong-in-2022/)

July Full Moon Circle 2022

Marlyna Los · July 4, 2022

Wednesday, July 13th, 7 – 8:30 pm PDT (Vancouver, Canada) Live Zoom Online

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A Special Invitation to the July Super Full Moon Circle on Manifesting Abundance.

Join me and my special guests on July 13th for the ‘Buck’ Full Moon Circle at 7 pm PDT (Vancouver).

My special guests this month are the very talented and successful jewellery designer, artist and adornment alchemist Sonja Picard (www.sonjapicard.com), and the lovely and amazing, Yuko Turnbull (www.yukoturnbull.com).

Sonja will guide us through a talk and meditation on manifestation using the ancient Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, opulence and good fortune.

On our first full moon of the Summer solar calendar, a Super Moon, Sonja will be guiding us to reconnect to our dreams and reawaken our desires. Manifesting is an opportunity to send a signal to your soul that ‘you are awake’ and are aligned, ready and willing to receive in Divine timing. She will introduce you to the beautiful Goddess Lakshmi and all her ancient wisdom and a mantra (sound vibration / mind tool) through a visual meditation. This will be followed by a sound bath meditation with Yuko.

Sonja has some tips on how to support yourself during the meditation. Adorn yourself with your best jewels, wear something you feel beautiful in,  scent yourself and your room, create beauty in your space, a flower, the day before clean and clear your space and have pen and paper available to receive words that will be your affirmations to take forward. 

Bonus: Sonja has a free gift download to all who register for this full moon circle.

The full moon is the high point of each lunar cycle, the moon with it’s maximum light illuminates the shadow and what needs to be released, healed and integrated into our every evolving soul journey. It is a powerful time for conscious looking within, releasing, transmuting and resetting. 

The event is free, however, you need to pre-register to join.

I will start the evening off with some insights to the astrology and events of right now, followed by Sonja and Yuko. There will be some time for sharing at the end.

I look forward to seeing you.  Please share this with your friends and any whom you think may benefit.   #TogetherWeAreMore #LiveWithPurpose 

July 13th 7-8:30 PDT Vancouver
Zoom Room opens at 6:45

Register in advance for this meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMsfumgrzIvG9FU1z6M2eyr9RFDia8Mx7ak

Reminder: In addition to the tips above from Sonja, I recommend if you have a candle, you may want to light it at the beginning of the Moon Circle and if you have any essential oils for your diffuser or incense you can burn to help relax or ground you for the evening, I encourage you to use them.  Also use a headset, if possible, which improves the quality of the sound meditation.

Please note: The replay video will be available on this page within two-three days after the event and you will need to create an account (free) on this site and register for the course to watch the replay video.

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