UPCOMING EVENTS October 8th - Conscious Conversations Live on FB @ 9:30 am PDT October 10th - Full Moon Circle [More Information] @ 7 pm PDT (https://marlynaconsulting.com/course/october-full-moon-circle-2022/)
UPCOMING EVENTS October 8th - Conscious Conversations Live on FB @ 9:30 am PDT October 10th - Full Moon Circle [More Information] @ 7 pm PDT (https://marlynaconsulting.com/course/october-full-moon-circle-2022/)

Manifestation Magic Membership Group

Classes are live with Marlyna on the first Sunday of each month

Next class: October 2nd, 2022 10-11:30 am PDT via Zoom


Join Marlyna as she offers metaphysical and consciousness insights and tools each month to manifest your desires, (love, abundance, peace, support, clarity, and supportive relationships).

This is an opportunity to connect with Marlyna and like-minded individuals wishing to create a deeper level of consciousness to manifest a better life.  

What makes this program unique is that in addition to the spiritual and metaphysical laws of manifesting we are working with the astrological flows of time (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) in relationship to your natal Chinese Astrology BaZi Chart (download here).  We are working with the Chinese Solar Calendar. Depending on the month and season each element represents a different phase of energy (support, friends, wealth, partnership etc.).   Knowing your elements allows for greater results when action is taken.

Here’s what I know:  Magic happens when the vibrations and energies of your inside world (your inner beliefs, desires and thoughts) align with and tap into the energies of time and space.  Join me as I guide and support you through the process of manifesting the destiny of your desires– Marlyna

This is a membership-based group focusing on using various metaphysical protocols (such as Law of Attraction, Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui, the 12 Spiritual Laws & energy work) to open your heart, tap into your subconscious, raise your vibration, and help you to transcend fate and manifest a new life story.  

Are you ready to awaken your true potential and become extraordinary and consciously tap into your dharma? Community attachment Group work is powerful. Science has proven that results are exponentially increased when people with a common purpose unite. 

What ‘s included: In each season, we will review how the seasonal elements relate to your chart with best practices. 

  • Best practices for your Day Master
  • Clarity on what you desire, and steps to achieve the goals you set
  • Discover limiting beliefs that are holding you back and how to release them 
  • A new Manifestation Ritual and Challenge every month.
  • Simple monthly tips on how best to use Feng Shui in your home specific to your chart and goals.
  • Work with the cycles of the moon for activations
  • Tools to to release block and rewire your brain to create new neuropathways geared to increase your worthiness
  • Monthly steps to align your body, mind and spirit to higher vibrations of attraction. 
  • Access to Private Facebook Group with daily check-ins from Marlyna and team to support and inspire you on your Manifestation Journey & more…

PLUS when you purchase a minimum 3 month membership, you will receive a complimentary Psych-K session to balance limiting beliefs in your subconscious to support you in moving forward with a certified facilitator.

Manifestation Magic: 1 Month Recurring Payment Plan


Manifestation Magic: 3 Month Recurring Payment Membership


Manifestation Magic: 6 Month Recurring Payment Plan