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Live with Purpose, A One Hour Intro to Feng Shui

Learn how to create positive change, overcome challenges, and transform your life with Feng Shui. Do you feel like you’re being held back by an invisible barrier? Are you setting goals and finding them difficult to achieve? This one hour class provides easy take-aways that you can implement right away to shift the energy of your home. When you change your environment opportunities come knocking enhancing your life bringing more flow and opportunities for peace, abundance and health.

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Space Clearing Online Class

Create peaceful, sacred, self honouring space at home. Everything in the universe is composed of constantly changing energy, including the spaces where you live and work. This energy has a profound influence on our ability to be happy, healthy, loving, and abundant. By cleaning and clearing this energy you can transform your home into a space that is filled with love and positive energy. In this 35 minute webinar, Marlyna Los shares with you clear and easy steps anyone can do to create a sacred space that supports you moving forward in life.

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Change Your Space | Change Your Life Online Course

Design your space, to support your life for powerful and positive results . More than ever before, we need our homes and work spaces to support our health, our relationships and our money. Where we live and work needs the right energy to be able to provide us with new opportunities and positive energy to relax, recharge and think clearly. Would you like to have better sleeps and feel recharged when you wake up? Are you able to think clearly of what actions and steps to take to move your life forward? Are you feeling supported by the people in your life? Are new opportunities coming your way? If your answer to any of these questions is no, these are signs that your space may not be supporting you and that this workshop is for you.

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Feng Shui For Life Online Course

Learn how to choose and create spaces that have a positive impact on your personal, financial and physical well being using foundational theories of Classical Feng Shui.