Two new BaZi classes to deepen your knowledge in March! Chinese Astrology for Health and Well-Being 2024 and Design Your Destiny: An Intro to BaZi Chinese Astrology 2024
Two new BaZi classes to deepen your knowledge in March! Chinese Astrology for Health and Well-Being 2024 and Design Your Destiny: An Intro to BaZi Chinese Astrology 2024

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Paola Gomez-Perez

I have studied under several masters in the past but I must say that studying with Marlyna Los has made everything “click” for me. Her kindness, knowledge, expertise and passion for the subject are palpable. I knew all the basics before and I thought I knew the applications. Marlyna made it real. They are not just a bunch of complicated formulas to me anymore. They have the potential to transform lives. Thank you also for bringing a human and spiritual side to this subject. Life changing for me.

– Paola A. Gomez-Perez, Master Feng Shui Practitioner

Sonja Picard

Marlyna encompasses great depth and insight for both residential and commercial space. I have used her services since 2003. Her assessments are so thorough and filled with information supporting the changes needed. Once the changes are in place I have always noticed an incredible shift of energy and abundance after all the requests are fulfilled. I have recommended Marlyna’s services to many of my colleagues who are impressed and satisfied with her services. 

Personally, I love the science of Feng Shui and have integrated its art form into my environment for years. I had Marlyna do our house early spring and her reading, care and attention to detail were amazing…along with being very impressed with her knowledge she also thoroughly followed up. I highly recommend these courses for your info, or better yet have Marlyna do a consult for your home or business.

– Sonja Picard, Fine Jewelry Designer and Artist

Sue Womersley

Decorating and Feng Shui in the Corporate Office I was very excited to be invited recently by Feng Shui Master Marlyna Los to a corporate consultation. A very forward thinking CEO hired Marlyna not only to make recommendations for the entire office space; including reception, two board rooms, lunch room, shared space and executive offices, but also to use the time as a team building exercise where she spoke about Classical Feng Shui. In addition, individual consultations were given to all of the staff to improve their personal offices.In Classical Feng Shui, Chinese Four Pillar Astrology takes individual birth charts to determine a person’s best elements, best directions and luck cycle, among many other things. During each personal consultation, Marlyna went over their chart with them, and people were repeatedly surprised at how much Marlyna could determine about their lives from her insight. 

– Sue Womersley, Interior Decorator, Member BC Chapter

Bob Carpenter

Marlyna with her Feng Shui Consulting initially saved me from a very costly mistake in business, by showing me the fact that I had to look not only at the location of the business but who would operate it and how they would relate to me. Her consultations have helped me understand the necessity of having doors located in the right area of a building and what type of customer I want to bring in (what is my market) and how to attract them. On the same project, she showed me how to minimize the effects of a bad external environment such as ugly hydro lines and at the same time make a very desirable entry into the project.

Feng Shui has helped me relate far better to my customers, employees and partners as what to expect of them and when. I now know their most productive times and also how to get the most productivity out of them for maximum return. The side benefit to this is that I have a much more satisfied group of employees and partners. I now know when to be a little more aggressive and when to be cautious in my investment decisions. 

– Bob Carpenter, President, Resland Development Corp