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BaZi Mastery Certificate Program

Can you change your fate and create a better destiny?  Yes!

Awareness is the key to change.

By understanding yourself and the energy and lessons that you were born with, you can consciously choose differently.  With awareness, it is possible to change all aspects of yourself and in the process change the outcome and personally grow.  Chinese Astrology helps you to see more clearly with awareness.

Everything is energy, including you. In Chinese Astrology, the day and time of your birth are seen as an energy blueprint that tells a specific story. This date and time of birth is represented by what’s known as a “Four Pillars Chart“. The Four Pillars are the Year, the Month, the Day and the hour of your Birth and each one represents one’s lessons, gifts, talents, and challenges.

When you are fully aligned with your potential, opportunities flow and wealth, health and relationships unfold naturally.

“Empower yourself, understand yourself and live a better life” – Marlyna Los

Discover your  Life Path and what you can do to empower and transform your life.

Learn how to use BaZi Destiny Codes to have a strategic advantage by understanding the opportunities and challenges that exist for yourself and others you live with and work with.  See your strengths and weaknesses, your potential, and learn what steps to take and when to take them for transformational changes for positive outcomes.

“He who knows others is wise, he who knows himself is enlightened.” – Lao Tzu

What You’ll Learn:

How to read a Chinese Astrology Chart

  • Interpret charts to understand yourself and others and harness your potential.
  • How to analyze character and Personality in a chart
  • How to see the lessons and gifts of your life
  • How to understand the chart in terms of your Life Path
  • Seeing who you align with, what supports you and have a deeper understanding of your relationships
  • Identifying strategic timing by understanding combination, clashes & harmonies within a chart
  • Action and steps you can take to activate your potential

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned student, this will be a powerful and life changing class that will teach you how to become fully aligned with your true potential and possibilities.

Requirements for certification include: completion of all three modules, written take-home exam, 1 year follow-up with mentoring.

Program Details

Who should take this course?  Those that wish to understand their natal blueprint and desire to gain insight into their potential and learn to make informed decisions.

Requirements: An open mind and willing heart and a commitment to yourself to learn.  No previous Feng Shui experience is necessary, however, previous knowledge in the theories of Yin/Yang and Five Element Theory is highly beneficial as well as having taken the Feng Shui For Life Introductory Course.

Location and date: 

March 21, 22, 23, & 24, 2020 | Vancouver, BC

What’s Included:

  • 4 Comprehensive days of classes ending with an attendance certificate upon completion. Value $2800
  • 1 hour personal time with Marlyna (in-person or online) to answer any questions and offer assistance in your chart readings. Value $500.
  • Personal in depth reading of your chart.  Value $500
  • 6 month membership in an online monthly coaching group. Value $1000
  • (sell membership afterwards)
  • 2 tickets live or online to my 2020 Annual Feng Shui and astrology event in Vancouver.  Value $400
  • Video of 2020 Annual Event:  Value $200
  • Personalized Tong Shu 2019 Value $200


Your Investment:  $2800 Cdn.

** Please note that we offer a 10% discount to all students who register and pay for this course in one payment.

Early Bird Discount of 10% for students who register and pay by October 10th, 2019 (in addition to the 10% off for single payment option)

Easy 6 Installment Payment Plan:  6 installments of $500 each starting October 2019 = $3000  Please contact for details

Find the right course for you.

The East West Academy Mastery curriculum for 2019 is presented as a choice of 3 Individual programs.

Free Download:
“Understanding Qi”

If you are new to Feng Shui (and perhaps even if you’re not), this book has a lot to grasp. Be patient; the rewards will be worth the effort in learning the laws of the universe.

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