Four Pillars Of Destiny Reading

A personal 4 Pillars / Ba Zi (Chinese Astrology) Consultation Better insight = Better choices = Better Life

The first goal of metaphysics is moving our lives from fate to destiny, to live our greatest potential, to move from a life of fate to one of creative consciousness.

Our chart is just a blueprint of what is possible.  In Chinese Astrology, real power lies in expanding your awareness.  By understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and bringing to light your fears and limitations, you can consciously make choices to create real positive change.  

Our chart is a blueprint of what is possible. Our blueprints are guides on how to evolve and make our dreams happen.  My job as an enlightened practitioner is to make it real, to know what steps to take, to make your creative potential come into the world.

Do you have to fight hard for success? Do you know what habits support or hinder your goals?

Your 4 Pillars For Life / Ba Zi chart is the map of the will find yours here in my Ba Zi calculator:

Go to the 4 Pillars For Life / Ba Zi Calculator

Better Insight For Better Choices.

The science of 4 Pillars For Life / Ba Zi revolves around the Five Element theory: utilizing our 4 Pillars For Life / Ba Zi chart, based on the cosmic energies present at the exact time of day, month, and year of our birth, we can predict the probabilities of potential and success that await us at any given time.

Time moves in cyclical patterns. By analyzing our past — our 4 Pillars For Life / Ba Zi chart — we can learn about our character and recognize our strengths and weaknesses, manage expectations, avoid problems, and make better choices when we know what kind of energy to expect from time, others and our environment, and attune to their positive potential. We can predict the trends in our own life. In essence, life becomes about creating what you want and everything becomes an opportunity.

What opportunity do you want to create?

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4 Pillars For Life / Ba Zi in Business:

4 Pillars For Life / Ba Zi is an invaluable profiling tool for management that fosters an environment of self-knowledge and understanding of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses, leading to better communication, informed decisions, higher productivity, and even stronger sales skills.

Identify personality types with a personalized 4 Pillars For Life / Ba Zi profile analysis for each team member, which jobs suits them and highlights their natural talents through how they prioritize, motivations, and conflict resolution tendencies — all in less than time than traditional, corporate personality testing. Create an environment where your team loves what they do in an environment of mutual respect and next-level success with 4 Pillars For Life / Ba Zi.

Interested in how 4 Pillars For Life / Ba Zi can change your future? Want to level-up in your business? Schedule a workshop or consultation today as the first step towards creating the life you want.

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