Feng Shui For Life

Feng Shui for Life:

An Introductory 4-day course for Beginners

July 10th, 11th, 12th & 13th, 2020

Learn how to choose and create spaces that have a positive impact on your personal, financial and physical wellbeing using foundational theories of Classical Feng Shui.

This course provides step-by-step applications and knowledge of how to analyze and create environments that can change the course of your life.  Participants will work with their own personal floor plans and birth charts.

By incorporating simple and practical techniques, you will find yourself empowered with the knowledge to create specific positive environments depending on your goals and thus improve your life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to analyze exterior physical landscapes and interior building environments to understand the corresponding impacts they have on people.
  • How to create positive spaces with Feng Shui principles for specific results, (such as activating financial opportunities, supporting health and relationships, optimizing workspaces, education, and more.)
  • How to customize Feng Shui and design solutions to individual space and occupants
  • Complete procedures (another word?) for Feng Shui analysis using these systems
    • Foundational theories (Qi, Yin and Yang, Five Elements, Eight Trigrams)
    • Essential Landform techniques
    • Advanced Eight Mansions – BaZhai
    • Xuan Kong – Flying Stars


Program Details

Who should take this course?  Those that wish to improve their own personal and business career or have a desire to become a Feng Shui consultant to bring about transformation and growth in their lives with an advantage of using energy in today’s world.

Requirements:  An open mind and willing heart and a commitment to yourself to learn.  No previous Feng Shui experience is necessary, however any previous experience is, of course, a benefit.

What’s Included:

  • 4 Comprehensive days of classes ending with an attendance certificate upon completion.  Value $2800.
  • 1 hour of personal time with Marlyna (in person or online) to answer any questions and offer assistance in your audits.  Value: $500
  • Coupon for 50% off a Personal Feng Shui Assessment Review of your home or the home of your choice: Value $1000-3000 (based on home sq. footage).
  • Personalized Tong Shu Calendar for 2020.  Value $200
  • 6 month membership in an online monthly coaching group Value $1000
  • 2 tickets to the Annual  Feng Shui and Astrology Event for 2020 in Vancouver.  Value $400.
  • Video of 2020 Annual event:  Value: $200.00
  • Discount coupon for House consultation (is this duplication of above?) If not, pls advice & value
  • $100 off a Personal BaZi Reading
  • Total Value: $6200  – $8200

Your Investment  $2800 Cdn.

** Please note that we offer a 10% discount all those who register and pay for course in one payment.

Early Bird Discount of 10% for students who register and pay by October 10th,  2019 (in addition to the 10% off for single payment option)

Easy 6 Installment Payment Plan:  6 installments of $500 each starting October 2019 = $3000

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The East West Academy Mastery curriculum for 2019 is presented as a choice of 3 Individual programs.