Changing Your Space, Changes Your Life Feng Shui Mastery Immersion Program starts September 14th
Changing Your Space, Changes Your Life Feng Shui Mastery Immersion Program starts September 14th

Rise up and Finish Strong in 2023

Marlyna Los · July 12, 2023

Join Marlyna in a mid-year special event as she guides you through the remainder of the Water Rabbit Year.

Whether you seek guidance in your career, relationships, or personal growth, Marlyna will provide you with insight so that you can make informed decisions and embrace the energies to your best advantage.

Finish the year strong and prepare for Period 9 with clarity and confidence. Rise up and empower yourself with the help of Chinese Metaphysics:

Saturday: Live August 26th via zoom from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm PDT (Vancouver).

“I want to support you to live your best life. I want to support you to learn more about yourself, to set goals and give you strategic tools and actions to make the remaining months of 2023 work best for you” – Marlyna

As the energies of the world and time are shifting, we find ourselves at a crucial gateway entering into the 20 year cycle of period 9 in February 2024. The energies are strong and for those who know how to work with them, the rewards are exponential. Are you prepared to take your life to the next level? Let’s go.

Gain valuable BaZi (Chinese Astrology), Feng Shui, I Ching Insights, Strategies, Action Steps, and Activations as Marlyna shares her wisdom about upcoming changes and challenges. These strategies and activations from Chinese Metaphysics will help you power up the remaining months this year enabling you to Rise Up and be at the top of your game.

Every life has an underlying purpose and destiny. By embracing metaphysics, we can unlock our potential, to move our lives from Fate to Destiny, and to live in a state of purpose, creative consciousness, flow and abundance. We are all worthy and deserve to live a juicy life.

This live online class with Marlyna will be recorded and available for replay.

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