Course Schedule 2020

A variety of introductory and advanced courses are offered throughout the year.

When we understand and connect to the energy of time and space, we are empowered and great things can happen.

July 10 @ 9:30 am

Feng Shui For Life - An In-depth 4 day Beginners - Vancouver BC

Create positive change, overcome challenges and transform your life with Feng Shui. Do you feel like you’re being held back by an invisible barrier? Are you setting goals and finding them difficult to achieve? Feng Shui can help you see the opportunities, tap into energy to achieve lasting results and improve the quality of your life and those around you.

July 15 @ 8:00 am

4 Pillars For Life | BaZi Mastery 4 Days of Empowerment July 15, 16, 17 & 18, 2020

Can you change your fate and create a better destiny? Yes! Awareness is the key to change. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and energy and lessons you were born with and how you can consciously choose differently.

July 20

Feng Shui Mastery 2020 Professional Certificate Program

Are you passionate about energy and its effects on your life and the lives around you? This 6 day Advanced Feng Shui Course is designed for those who are seeking to become a Feng Shui Consultant and also for those who wish a deeper knowledge and transformation in their lives through the authentic principles, formulas, techniques of Feng Shui. The Course is comprised of three modules and includes personal mentorship and follow-up.

East West Academy Feng Shui Certification Program:

Whether you are someone who wishes to experience lasting, impactful change or have aspirations to be a Feng Shui practitioner, our Mastery Courses will teach you strategic skills that give you an advantage in today’s world.
Requirements for certification include: completion of all three modules, written take-home exam, 1 year follow-up with mentoring.

Feng Shui
For Life

Feng Shui For Life is a specifically-designed 4-day course for beginners and casual enthusiasts. It incorporates authentic Feng Shui principles and techniques into simple practical solutions and applications.

4 Pillars
For Life

Learn about yourself and others, and create a better future in this 4-day 4 Pillars / BaZi course. 4 Pillars is an Eastern method of profile analysis used to unlock the information in a person’s inborn and potential talents.

Advanced Practitioners

This 6-day Feng Shui Mastery Practitioners Course is designed for students and consultants who wish to further their knowledge, skills and applications into advanced classical Feng Shui systems and applications including BaZhai, San Yuan, San He and Xuan Kong.

Personalized, Private Mentoring & Coaching

Are you studying or practicing Feng Shui and BaZi and still have questions?

Marlyna offers one-to-one live and online tutoring sessions. Each one is designed according to your needs: brush up on specific formulas and concepts, get a second opinion, and learn all the details that fall outside of general courses. With Marlyna’s twenty-five years of experience and studies with many masters and teachers, you’ll learn to make sense of these complex studies and put them to practical use.