• Chinese Astrology for Health and Well-Being 2024

    March 9, 2024

    Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of Chinese Astrology and discover how the cosmic energies at the time of your birth can profoundly influence your Health and Well-being.


  • Design Your Destiny: Intro to BaZi Chinese Astrology 2024

    March 24, 2024

    Empower yourself to Design your Destiny with BaZi in this 4-hour introductory Chinese Astrology class, where the focus is solely on YOU — gaining insights into your unique opportunities and challenges, ensuring they align with your journey, and unveiling the profound revelations of your soul purpose within your birth chart.


  • Living With Purpose: March 2024

    March 3, 2024

    Magic happens when the vibrations and energies of your inside world (your inner beliefs, desires and thoughts) align with and tap into the energies of time and space. Join me as I guide and support you through the process of manifesting the destiny of your desires

  • Beginners 2024 Year of the Wood Dragon Annual Feng Shui & BaZi Class

    February 10, 2024

    A beginner's class on seeing how the Wood Dragon’s annual energy will affect you personally and learn about career, health, business and global trends for 2024 with Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui as well as activation dates for auspicious Feng Shui, Power & Wellbeing.


  • 4 Pillars BaZi Mastery Immersion Spring 2024 Program

    April 13, 2024

    Learn to become a proficient chart reader! Chinese Astrology provides the insight to understand yourself and the energy and lessons that you were born with so you can consciously choose a path that supports your goals.

    Starts from $525.00