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20 Auspicious Foods for New Year’s Eve and Day and the Symbolism

Traditions surrounding the New Year are not limited to just decor, but what you put in your body has just as much importance. Here are 20 auspicious foods to eat on New Years’ Eve and Day and what they symbolize.

  1. Fish: abundance (typically served on New Year’s eve)
  2. Long grain rice: long life
  3. Oranges/mandarins: gold plus good health and long life.
  4. Oysters: prosperous business, good things
  5. Peaches: longevity
  6. Pineapple: prosperity
  7. Pomegranates: children
  8. Sticky rice balls: symbolizing the family staying together and close
  9. Noodles: longevity (they should not be cut), long life to the elders
  10. Chicken: Prosperity and family unity
  11. Prawns: life filled with laughter and joy
  12. Duck: if looking for fertility
  13. Mixed Vegetables: corn for growth, lotus seeds and roots for a full wallet and many sons, black mushrooms for longevity, golden lily buds and/or cashew nuts for wealth, clams or scallops for the opening of new horizons, and white cabbage for 100 types of prosperity luck
  14. Sweet desserts: symbolizing sweet endings
  15. Persimmons: happiness and wealth
  16. Tangerines with leaves intact: long lasting relationships that are fruitful and multiply (as in having children)
  17. Circular candy tray: candy for sweet, circular for togetherness
  18. Lettuce: gaining fresh new money
  19. Celery: symbolizes perseverance and the capacity to work hard
  20. Dried seaweed, known as “faat choy”: increasing wealth

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