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It’s December, the month of the Fire Rat

On Dec 7th we entered the month of the Fire Rat.   The Rat epitomizes the peak of the Water season and it’s an important month in many ways.  2020…

How Feng Shui Helps Personal Growth

Your space reflects your life. Your life reflects your space. Twenty years ago I took one of my first classes in Feng Shui, and the famous Asian Master opened my…

A master of classical Feng Shui uses a compass

Just what does it mean to be a Master of Feng Shui?

Many people in the west have come to know that a Master of Feng Shui is someone who has deep knowledge of their subject after having taken formal training with…

BaZi, Destiny and Your Year Ahead

Living the Life You Were Born to Live

“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.”  Henry David Thoreau…

Water pictures in my bedroom

Feng Shui Myths – Is a picture of water in the bedroom a problem?

“Marlyna, I am at a loss and wonder if you could give me feedback?” I got an email from one of my clients last week. She was distressed about something…

Conscious Growth Through Conscious Change

I am back home in Vancouver after an incredibly transformative, cathartic trip to Holland visiting family and studying with Sherwin Ng, a master of spiritual healing and transformation. And while…

Living Beyond Fear & Embracing Change

Twenty years ago, I created the East-West Academy to help support a world where people understand and are responsible for their connections to each other, in spaces where all life…

Confusion and Tears and Intuition

Awakening your intuition The universe speaks to all of us. Have you listened lately? Guidance comes in many forms. Wouldn’t it be great if all spiritual messages were clear and…

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