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FOR UPCOMING EVENTS See Marlyna's Calendar for scheduled classes, FB Live Conscious Conversations, Monthly Full Moon Circles and more to support "Being the Best Version of You"

How Feng Shui Helps Personal Growth

Your space reflects your life. Your life reflects your space.

Twenty years ago I took one of my first classes in Feng Shui, and the famous Asian Master opened my eyes and mind to — not so unbelievably — something that I intuitively already knew, that where we live has a direct correlation to the events in our lives. We were doing a case study of a family: a husband, wife and three children. We had the BaZi birth charts for the occupants, the floorpan, the compass directions and did the different calculations for Eight Mansions and Flying Stars. The Master asked us a couple of questions: Where was the higher ground? Where was the lower ground? What did the surrounding landforms look like?

Then he announced that the father had recently likely lost his job, or changed jobs, in 1998, the youngest boy had serious health issues, and the wife was unhappy in the marriage. Based on the information of the formula transposed over the house and correlating that to the information in the individual charts, he could see what was going on inside their space, and their lives!

In that moment I committed myself to the study and training it would take to be able to read energy at that level. I have always been able to feel energy, and would often move furniture around haphazardly trying to shift it, but here was proof that everything is a type of energy that can be read, and therefore used to interpret and guide one’s life and actions; you just have to learn how.

Prior to 1998, I had been studying the types of Feng Shui that do not use formulas, or look in depth at the landscape; the type of Feng Shui that is more intuition-based. Over the following years, I learned that Feng Shui techniques are goal specific. Yang Qi governs financial opportunities, Yin Qi governs people aspects: relationships, health, power and authority.   Each of the five elements has hundreds of associations, emotions, career aspects, specific people, and so much more.

We all need people to help us in our lives. No one becomes successful or has a good life on their own. By using specific Feng Shui techniques regularly to activate “nobleman” and activating the various nobleman formulas, I have witnessed how support by everyone from clients to students, to employees, friends and family members can impact one’s life. I also activate for wealth opportunities for a rounded-out approach.  

I named my introductory Feng Shui workshop, Change your Space – Change your Life. I could easily expand on this to include Change Yourself, Change your Space. Have you ever noticed that after a big life change, your environment inherently changes? As when you work hard at school and graduate, you then get a job and you move to a better space than you had while going to school. You work hard at work, get a promotion, make more money,  and move. 33% of our life opportunities and destiny is reflected by where we live. Who we are as a person is reflected by the energy of where we live. The ancient Chinese scholars and emperors figured this out a long time ago, but this energy is no longer just available for the elite. Today, anyone can learn Feng Shui, take courses or have a consultation. It’s about fostering personal growth within, and for, a better community.

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