Discover the secrets of Classical Feng Shui! My book “Feng Shui: Do You See What I See?” is an introduction and guide to practicing Classical Feng Shui. Learn to see, analyze, create, and choose auspicious properties and homes with classical Feng Shui methodology. Download here:
Discover the secrets of Classical Feng Shui! My book “Feng Shui: Do You See What I See?” is an introduction and guide to practicing Classical Feng Shui. Learn to see, analyze, create, and choose auspicious properties and homes with classical Feng Shui methodology. Download here:
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Confusion and Tears and Intuition

Awakening your intuition

The universe speaks to all of us. Have you listened lately?

Guidance comes in many forms.

Wouldn’t it be great if all spiritual messages were clear and simple and in the form of an email or phone call?

However, more often than not, it is feelings and emotions, and physical pains and obstacles that are the message. We then struggle to figure out the meaning as we ask ourselves, “Why did this happen?”  “What’s the meaning of this?”

Everyone’s experienced it: a feeling in your gut you can’t explain. What is it? What’s going on? What is your intuition telling you?

A large part of my job is helping people understand the signs in their life, whether in a consultation or in a class.  

When you are in tune with your intuition, you can understand the messages the universe is sending to you and you are in sync with flow. But without it, you can feel confused, lost, and stuck.

Would you like to learn to understand your intuition, to hear the universe’s messages, and “unstick” yourself?  When we are in tune with our intuition life flows with more ease, opportunities show up, we experience more peace.

Listening to your emotions

From time to time, clients who have begun implementing my Feng Shui recommendations will call me feeling emotionally overwhelmed or distressed.

One such client called me feeling completely confused. She had started to implement the recommendations I suggested, but she couldn’t understand what was going on; she anticipated feeling peaceful, not upset.

She called me, nearly in tears, explaining that she had been crying ever since she started the process of my recommendations.

I was not at all surprised by this. In fact, I actually expected it.

When the client first called me for a Feng Shui consultation, she wanted help to change her life. She felt stuck, unhappy, and exhausted; she was struggling with her family and home life. Many, many things were going wrong.

I visited her home, surveyed her property and house, and saw there were many things she could do to shift the energy of her home to better support her life. I gave her a big list of to-dos, one of which included moving to a completely different bedroom.

A few weeks later when she called me so upset, she said, “Marlyna, I started the process of cleaning my room and moving things around this morning, and I’ve been crying all day since. I can’t stop.”

I knew from my training and experience in psychology that it would be therapeutic for her to cry to release all the stuck emotion before she could move forward. I listened and reassured her that this was all good, and actually integral to the process.

By instigating a deep emotional purge of grief, resentment, and anger, the universe was telling her she needed to let go of the past in order to unlock the potential energy of her home.

The home was directly correlated to her feelings, and the universe knew this — but because she had yet to listen to her intuition, she did not.

I told her if she was still crying in a few days, to call me and I would revisit my Feng Shui.

Weeks went by, so I decided to check in on her.

She reported that the tears had stopped a few days after finishing my recommended changes. I asked her to stay in touch.

A while later, she emailed me to let me know that her business was up more than 30 percent, and that her home life was amazingly smooth — even fun! But most importantly, she felt grounded in her intuition. She was connected, supported, and no longer stuck.

Deciphering the universe’s messages

Emotions of unhappiness and fear, feelings of discomfort or distress, are not without purpose.

The universe does not let us struggle or suffer just for the fun of it!

These sensations are actually messages, and are the universe’s attempt to signal that we are holding back. They can tell us with utmost clarity exactly where we’re stuck and where we need to grow.

My client who was distraught from the grief that had surfaced while implementing my recommendations, was confronting the universe’s message to her that she was stuck.

Once she allowed herself to listen to her intuition and to feel her emotions, she could grow. And what positive growth she had!

Listening to your emotions is a key aspect of the Feng Shui process. By listening to your emotions, you can better understand yourself, better understand your intuition, and better understand your goals.

Developing your intuition

This story of my client who awakened her intuition, is such a powerful example of what we can unlock when we listen to the universe, and it’s one of my favorite stories to share.

If you are particularly touched by this story of growth, and want to become more intune with yourself and the universe, my intuition course is designed to help you do just that.

Decipher the lessons of life and tap into your intuition with an intensive, two-day workshop learning the language of the universe through Tarot. Tarot acts as both a mirror and compass, opening our minds to healing, guidance, and growth through a deck of archetypal symbols.

Join us for a meaningful, powerful, and enlightening two days as we explore symbolism, life lessons, and a higher purpose through the eyes of Tarot.


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