Two new BaZi classes to deepen your knowledge in March! Chinese Astrology for Health and Well-Being 2024 and Design Your Destiny: An Intro to BaZi Chinese Astrology 2024
Two new BaZi classes to deepen your knowledge in March! Chinese Astrology for Health and Well-Being 2024 and Design Your Destiny: An Intro to BaZi Chinese Astrology 2024

Tears, Fears, Anxiety and the Meaning of Good Feng Shui

From time to time, I get clients who call me who are feeling emotionally uncomfortable and even distressed after they started implementing my Feng Shui recommendations. For example, I recently had two different clients call me because they were confused about what was happening in their lives because both had implemented the recommendations I suggested and they couldn’t understand what was going on. One call came from a woman who told me how emotional and upset she was and how she had been crying ever since she started the process of my recommendations. The other call came from a businessman who was feeling unsettled and not relaxed and wondered why his office didn’t feel more peaceful. I was not surprised at all by their calls. In fact, I expected them.

When the woman first called me for a Feng Shui Consultation, she wanted help to change her life, she was stuck and unhappy. She felt unsupported, exhausted, and had problems in her family. Many, many things going wrong. I went out to her home, surveyed her property and her house and saw there were many things she could do to shift the energy of her home to support her life. I gave her a big list of to do’s which included moving to another bedroom. She called me late in the day a couple of weeks later and told me “I started the process of cleaning my room and moving things around this morning and I’ve been crying all day since. I just can’t stop.” I listened and reassured her that it was all good – I knew from my training and experience in psychology that it would be therapeutic for her to cry to help release all the stuck emotion before she could move forward in her life. Her house was directly correlated to her feelings. She had a lot to grieve from the past and had been holding it all in and, as a result, she was stuck in life, resentful and angry. I told her if she was still crying in a couple days to call me and I would revisit my Feng Shui.

I did not hear back for weeks, so I checked in to see how she was. She reported that the tears stopped a few days after she had finished all the changes I had recommended. I asked her to stay in touch. She emailed me a few weeks later to say that business was up more than 30%, that her personal and family life was amazingly smooth and even fun. Most importantly, she felt connected and supported and no longer stuck.

The second call came from a businessman who had moved into new offices and had called to tell me he just didn’t feel relaxed and that the staff was also a little harried. My first question was, “How are sales?”
He said – “Amazing. We are up 45% in just the last 3 months. Sales are great but I feel very unsettled and so do my staff.” I explained to him when we went through his goals for the new office – which were for primarily increased sales, that the energy of making money versus feeling relaxed is polar opposite – Yang vs Yin. His sales would not be up if I had made Feng Shui recommendations to make the place feel relaxed. My consultation was focussed on how his new office could increase creativity, productivity and improve communication.

Like most people – he thought good Feng Shui meant Harmony or Balance. When I asked what do you think good Feng Shui means (in a former blog post and Facebook, many of your comments were along that theme.

So… what is good Feng Shui?

Simple. It all depends on what you want. Essentially, Feng Shui is best practised as goal specific.
For example…

The same Feng Shui principles that support a business are not the same as those that support a home.
The ideal Feng Shui would be different for someone who wants to meet someone versus someone who wants to stay happily married. The Feng Shui for a child is different from that for an older person.

Now… do you have a specific goal to achieve? Many people reach out to me for my Feng Shui expertise and consultations. Others choose to learn Feng Shui tools for themselves in my Feng Shui Mastery Program. Ultimately, Feng Shui is a powerful tool to support you to reach your goals.

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