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Limited Time Offer: 50% OFF Marlyna's book "Do You See What I See?" with coupon code "Love+Light"

Change Your Life With Classical Feng Shui

Change Your Life Classical Feng Shui

The key to success in life lies in knowing who you are. And furthermore, what you need to do to get the results you want. Classical Feng Shui has been used in the Far East to help create a roadmap to achieving those results for thousands of years. It is a powerful methodology that gives you the tools to create comfortable, harmonious and stable living and working environments–so you can focus on your path towards heightened intuition. Once energy is allowed to flow freely, you can reap the benefits.

There are simple and practical things we all can do to shift the energy of our homes. Good Feng Shui begins with creating a healing home; a place where Qi flows optimally. Once you have health, you can then move onto creating wealth.

3 Tips to Kickstart Your Journey Towards Good Feng Shui 

  1. All exterior and interior influences must be considered when evaluating Feng Shui. The exterior environment is everything outside the home. This includes the location and shape of hills, waterways, roads, surrounding buildings, trees and landscaping, and any man-made features. For interiors, this includes the shape, design, structure, size, contents and their positions, lighting and décor, and facing direction of the building.
  2. A bedroom with good Feng Shui is located in an area away from the most active parts of the home. It is quiet and serene, regularly shaped, not too large and not too small, airy and well-ventilated, and has medium-height ceilings. A bedroom with good energy allows for good rest, and thus a good springboard for larger, more intuitive work to be done.
  3. Make sure your art, photos, and other décor pieces reflect your future, goals, and values in life. Intuitively use artwork and symbolism to consciously project your values and goals. Although not technically Feng Shui, this principle works with the energy of your mind, and subconsciously influences your actions.

Now it’s time to develop your intuition:

Change Your Life With Classical Feng Shui

Did you know that 33% of our destiny is influenced by where we live? The bad news is your home might be the problem. The good news is by making positive changes using the formulas and concepts of Classical Feng Shui, you can bring better flow and more opportunities and energy into your life. Your environment creates your mind, and your mind creates your destiny. You can empower your life by learning what you can do to create more flow in your career, relationships and health.

Interested? Join me for my upcoming class “Move your Stuff, Change your Space, Change your Life!” on Saturday Oct. 6th 2018 from 9:30 – 4:30pm. Learn how to attract more opportunities and energy into your life with Classical Feng Shui. We will discuss how to use the formulas and concepts of Classical Feng Shui to transform the quality of your life.

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