“Understand your life and master working with energy by learning BaZi" - Marlyna Spring BaZi Mastery Immersion Program starts April 13th https://marlynaconsulting.com/course/4-pillars-bazi-mastery-immersion-spring-2024-program/
“Understand your life and master working with energy by learning BaZi" - Marlyna Spring BaZi Mastery Immersion Program starts April 13th https://marlynaconsulting.com/course/4-pillars-bazi-mastery-immersion-spring-2024-program/

Conscious Growth Through Conscious Change

I am back home in Vancouver after an incredibly transformative, cathartic trip to Holland visiting family and studying with Sherwin Ng, a master of spiritual healing and transformation. And while I’ve been quite busy since returning home, I would love to take a moment and share with you some highlights of my trip and studies.

I completed a three-day course designed to help students navigate 2019 to ultimately unlock their potential and become their best self. The course, led by Sherwin Ng, was such an insightful, exciting approach to self-transformation.

Sherwin Ng is a very wise, spiritual teacher. He’s the founder and visionary of the House of Kite, a holistic space dedicated to energy medicine, meditation, personal wellness, and alternative healing, and the author of Life on Earth Mastery: Protocols to Transcend Fate & Manifest Your Purpose. This book is a great resource for those on a journey of self-change and self-transformation, and covers many of the lessons I include in my own teaching work.

But what’s most impressive and exciting, is Sherwin Ng’s unique approach to the transformation of self. He incorporates the resources of numerology, astrology, Feng Shui, and Tarot and weaves them together for a healing approach that feels thoughtful, balanced, and researched.

Learning and processing in 2019

The first day of the course focused on learning and processing in 2019, a year of vision and self-discipline.

Last year felt a lot like approaching an impossible mountain — there was so much to confront and move past! However, this year, our journeys will take us to what feels like an oasis or island, with all of our changes and transformations flowing like water.

Students used numerology, Chinese astrology, and Tarot to map out their year, then learned how to use that knowledge to confront feelings that were keeping them from growth and enlightenment. We were reminded that this is the year to ask for help, find mentorship, break through barriers, and most importantly, do what’s necessary to grow.

Transformation of self

The next two days of the course were dedicated to alchemy and the transformation of self. The second day’s alchemy course, “Basic and Spiritual Alchemy,” was an introduction to self-transformation, and the final day, “Moon Alchemy: Dissolving Past Life Patterns,”  was a practical application of those lessons.

Now, this is the work that really makes me excited! I love to help fulfill my clients’ destinies, be an agent of change for them, and help them find their best self. So naturally, I loved the coursework that focused on really unlocking those barriers to self-transformation.

We learned practical applications for change, little things we can do to begin the transformation process no matter where we are on our journey for growth. Meditation and breathwork is perhaps the easiest change to introduce into your life. Proper breathing, through yoga practice or mindfulness exercises or belly breathing, literally breathe life into your solar plexus and heart chakra. This activates your inner self, and opens you to further positive change.

We also analyzed our Western astrological charts to determine our past patterns and habits with the intent to move beyond them. Western astrology is a great resource for navigating through our destinies, and gives us great insights into different lessons or circumstances at play. When we know where to begin making changes, the transformation process is that much clearer. I’m so excited to begin incorporating Western astrology into my one-on-one consultations!

Conscious choices

When you think of everything as a choice, you remove blame from your life, and you can become an active catalyst for opportunity and growth. This process is known as an awakening, because it truly feels like waking up after a foggy sleep: you become aware of your patterns and limitations, you realize their root, and you choose to act differently. You transform from ego to spirit.

When you make this change to your energy, your environment has to change too. You need to surround yourself with the right energy to support your growth, whether that be through your friends, job, or home.

Remember, conscious growth requires conscious change. “Conscious creation occurs when we create from the calling of our soul and what we do reflects who we are.”

My time in Holland left me feeling recharged and ready to embrace my potential in 2019. It was an honour to study with Sherwin Ng, and I’m so excited to take all that I’ve learned and share them in my teachings and consultations. I’m grateful to be busy the next few weeks with lots of consultations and teaching, and I hope to make time for connecting and new curriculum.

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