Changing Your Space, Changes Your Life Feng Shui Mastery Immersion Program starts September 14th
Changing Your Space, Changes Your Life Feng Shui Mastery Immersion Program starts September 14th

July ’23 Earth Goat Month Insights

Hello, my friends,  

When we face challenging times, it’s important that we learn to see and with all energy as neutral. Meaning all movements of energy can be used to transform. When you become in tune with cosmic flow, magic happens. Magic – being the energy of creative life force that supports you to move forward.     

Welcome to the Month of the Earth Goat where the overall theme is about being tested. If you are ‘awake’ and open, this month presents opportunities to let go and say “yes” to actions that will support your best destiny. However, for those ‘resisting change’, the wakeup call may be more challenging.   Trust me that even in these challenges, positive outcomes are possible.  

The question is do you believe that the world friendly or not? If you come from a place in your awareness that ALL THINGS HAPPEN FOR YOU, rather than to you, you will perceive this month as a gift. However, If you believe the world is unfriendly expect that belief to be challenged. The opportunity lies in choosing differently and aligning yourself with higher vibrations of thought.      

Life is not easy, I know. But guess what? You didn’t sign up for easy.      

One of my favourite words is curiosity. It was by learning to ask – ‘Why did I create this situation?’ that my life truly changed in positive ways. Many years ago, I had a huge fight with a past romantic partner. Reflecting on this – I was so upset, I felt bereft and helpless and betrayed. But something happened in the middle of my tears – suddenly I had insight and realized that the thoughts and feelings stemmed from repeating old and stuck patterns of lack and unworthiness perhaps that had been there for many lifetimes.

I was simply recreating the same thing over and over unconsciously; I had flashes of all the times in this lifetime and previous lifetimes where I experienced situations where I felt these emotions. I saw that they were energy patterns and that by changing my reactions, I could create a different life of experiences that were literally more about connection, fun and pleasant. I could choose again; I had free will. Like attracts like. As Within – So Without. I became curious and open to learning how to see the world differently.  As a result, very cool things started happening. Money, teachers, and opportunities to learn more about energy appeared. I felt guided and supported.     

Einstein once said, “If you believe the world is friendly it is. If you believe the world is not friendly it is.”  Through inner work (personal growth) and conscious actions over the years I’ve realized that the universe is friendly and that is reflected back to me. It wants to support me; it wants abundance and happiness for me and if that is not happening it is because a part of me doesn’t believe I am worthy.  I began a life of inner work along with doing Feng Shui and using Astrology.

Today my teaching and consulting works these principles. First is the principle of the San Cai; Heaven, Earth and Man, each influencing 33% of my life.  The second principle is Everything is Energy. Time, Space and Form are all energy.  You can’t change the pattern of the Sun and Seasons, but you can learn to work with it. You can learn to be curious and allow the energy to reveal what wants to be revealed and take conscious action to align yourself to it.  It’s important to note that if your goals are different than what the energy of the month influences, it may take longer to achieve what you are hoping for.

Remember the universe is always waiting to help us.
The overview of energy opportunities this month for the collective is this… Whatever initiations or new beginnings you started in June, expect to be tested this month. The test is to challenge your determination to stay the course – do you have what it takes to sustain the changes needs to create a better life? Distractions, self sabotage, and different events will show up as blockages. Take the opportunity to see what is this trying to teach me. Sustained effort and purposeful action is needed. Have faith, the hexagram for the month is growth, but growth is not always obvious. “Chop wood, carry water”.     

A simple overview of energy opportunities this month  looks like this:

If you are a Yang or Yin Wood Day Master, Earth is your Wealth Element.   Expect an increase in your workload, and an opportunity to be recognized favourably for your efforts of  a job well done and people will see you as someone they want to align with, and worth having on the team. Be strategic and have trust that this will result in possible wealth opportunities such as a raise, new investments, dividends etc. If you are a single male, you may meet that romantic Partner. 

If you are a Yang or Yin Fire Day Master, Earth is what we call your Output element. Output is about innovation and creativity. Make an effort to be unique, and innovative with your ideas. Something new wants to be born in your life. Trust and let them be seen.  

If you are a Yang or Yin  Earth Day Master, Earth is your Friend element.  Socially you will be in demand this month. Do the people you hang out with make your life better or cost you time and money. This is the month to level up and strategically connect with those who can help you grow. Get more followers. Collaborate with friends. Network and improve your home, your business and your health.  

If you are a Yang or Yin  Metal Day Master, Earth is your Resource element. While some of you may go on holidays and relax, I encourage you to use the energy of this
month to improve different areas of your life to be more efficient. What needs to change for you to have life be easier in home or work? An added benefit this month is resource is seen as nobleman energy –  the opportunity to meet people who can help and support you is there. 

If you are a Yang or Yin  Water Day Master, Earth is the Influence element. There are opportunities for you to be more influential, or to have an influencing effect on others. Its’s a great month to focus on social media and help / influence others to think or see things differently. For single women this may be the month you meet that significant other. For those with career goals, be more aggressive to be seen and heard for what you offer. Don’t let the stress stop you. 

**Note if you aren’t sure what you Day Master is, get your free BaZi Natal Chart here:

The tests will likely come in the areas highlighted for your sign. Doors will open and patterns will change for those who work with them and for those who are in resistance and have excuses, be prepared for the universe to gently show you, feel the fear and do it anyway.    

The purification continues.  This is the last month of the Fire and the Earth (Sun and Moon) supporting us in purifying and releasing old karma. It illuminates the areas of our lives where we are stuck and trapped in limiting beliefs, keeping us playing it small. The earth represents past karma and energy patterns of the past that require purification. The goal is to let go and purify whatever holds you back from creating a better life.    

The energy of this month continues to be a powerful portal / gift for those who truly are ready to take their lives to the next level.  Yes, expect some drama, yes, expect it to be uncomfortable, and remember to take a creative nonreactive approach.  Fire rules the heart. How can I work with my heart energy to transmute this?  We are being asked as souls on the collective level to come from our hearts and move away from fear.

My wish for you this month is that you have the courage and willingness to be present and work with these energies, I know the ultimate rewards moving forward will be worth it.

Love & Light, Marlyna

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