Two new BaZi classes to deepen your knowledge in March! Chinese Astrology for Health and Well-Being 2024 and Design Your Destiny: An Intro to BaZi Chinese Astrology 2024
Two new BaZi classes to deepen your knowledge in March! Chinese Astrology for Health and Well-Being 2024 and Design Your Destiny: An Intro to BaZi Chinese Astrology 2024

Designing your Destiny – Is Everything Pre-determined?

Designing your Destiny – it all begins with insight and understanding.
How is this year going for you?
For some of you this has been a particularly challenging month and for others it’s been great.
How come I am so sure?
Because according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar we are in the year of the goat and July is the month of the goat. Whatever the goat energy means to you, it is doubled this month.
Ok, I know what you’re saying… “What did she just say?”
Allow me introduce you to the world and language of Chinese Astrology (also known as BaZi) as I want to empower and teach you about the energy and patterns of time.
Along with Feng Shui, BaZi is the most respected and widely used system in Chinese Metaphysics.
Every year, whether you know about astrology or not, you make plans and take actions that affect your life according to the seasons. The seasons determine when to plant crops, and influence the clothes we wear, the foods we eat, and when we work and play.
The ancient Chinese scholars took this a step further. They saw the forces of time and space as interconnected. They observed the natural rhythms and patterns of day into night, the changing seasons, the phases of the moon and the patterns of the sun and saw everything in the world is made up of Yin and Yang and 5 basic components of energy. The Scholars knew that the Five Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal are the five forces of nature that shape and stimulate the natural and human environment.
Years ago, my daughter said to me that she sees everything through the eyes of a physics equation (she’s a Civil Engineer). Her comment made me realize that I see everything through the eyes of Five Elements.
Five Element theory is the backbone of all Chinese Metaphysical studies: Feng Shui, Astrology, Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts.
The Five Elements represent all things. They not only apply to physical objects but are more the actual energy behind them. Traditional Chinese medicine lists all matters of our daily lives into these five elements. Our internal organs, our feelings, our moods, our tastes, the four seasons, our personality, the directions – all belong to the five elements. The list below is a start.

Water: Wisdom, flow, communication, winter
Wood: Benevolence, growth, new beginnings, education, spring
Fire: Passion, proprietary, warmth, inspiration and summer
Earth: Trust, stability, security, nurturing, supportive and the end of summer
Metal: Justice, fairness, altruism, decision making, autumn

Human beings are part of nature and as such we too are represented by these Five Elements. With our first breath at birth, we are imprinted with an energy that is a representation of that moment in time. Our birthday and birthplace establish the blueprint and framework for the analysis. Our personality, behaviours, dispositions and abilities are reflected by this moment.
Studying BaZi and Five Element theory will help you determine how to balance the elements that make up who you are, and when to anticipate your best and more challenging times.
Unlike the seed in the garden, you have free will and choice.  For example, perhaps winter is not your best time for earning money, but with knowledge comes power. By understanding what’s coming, you can adjust your actions.
Taking control of your life begins with understanding not just yourself, but your Destiny, and more importantly what’s coming and how to strategize and plan accordingly.
This is just the beginning…
In my Feng Shui Mastery program (beginning September 2015) – I devote 5 full days to the complex subject of Bazi (Chinese Astrology.)
However, I will continue to blog about simplified Bazi concepts with you over the next few months so that as a beginner you can “see” different aspects of your life and start to make decisions differently.
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