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Feng Shui at the Bank – it’s a big deal.

Good Feng Shui is essential for business

In the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on several bank renovations and new builds. Did you know that several years ago here in Vancouver a Feng Shui master working with a bank told them they had to move the vault? And they did.  

Why would you need to move a vault to get good Feng Shui?     

Its original location was bad Feng Shui. Where it was wouldn’t be good for business. There are rules and formulas for where big, heavy, metal objects should sit in relation to the compass points and obviously the vault was in the wrong area.

Did you know that It is not uncommon for banks to not only Feng Shui the bank, but the offices of senior bank employees as well?

My own consultations with banks have not required such drastic measures as moving the vault. Depending on when I’m brought in for the consultation, I advise on everything from “is this a good geographic location to put a bank” as well as door location, traffic flow, key placement of offices and tellers, how to set up the office and boardroom, bathroom and kitchen locations and water features and/or fish tank placement. 

Good Feng Shui is essential for business

Good Feng Shui for a bank is about creating positive energy and flow throughout the space that supports the staff and ensures a positive experience for the client, ensuring that they leave happy and wish to return. 

Here in Vancouver, we have a large Asian community that has different levels of awareness around what is proper or real Feng Shui, making it confusing and challenging for design firms. Often what gets mistaken for Feng Shui is more along the lines of  superstition than real Feng Shui. I have been called in several times after construction was finished and told clients were complaining about the decor and withdrawing their money.

Among the complaints that concerned the Asian clients were the location and set up of  senior staff offices. They did not have good support at their desks (too much glass) and the choice of images on the walls weren’t attractive. In this case, the images were of early Vancouver and the workers building our city and the railroads and shipyards; in other words, hard work and toil. Subconsciously, we are all affected by what we see. Working that hard is unpleasant.

The ancient Chinese were aware of the impact of imagery and were brilliant at creating watercolours with gardens, serene lakes and blossoms, wildlife and, most importantly, a relaxed way of being and happy people.

The Feng Shui in a bank, or any business or home for that matter, should reflect the highest values and goals of the customers it wishes to serve.

A business with good Feng Shui creates more energy which leads to more opportunities and financial growth. A business with good Feng Shui is a business environment that has productive and happy employees.

Every consultation is personal; our plans are customized for your home office or Fortune 500 enterprise and every kind of business in between. You can contact me to start your business on the path to good Feng Shui.

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