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7 Tips to Start the Year of the Wood Goat

On Feb, 19th, 2015 the world will celebrate the beginning of a new lunar year. In the Chinese calendar this is described as the 4712th year, the Year of the Wood Goat. In China, the Lunar New Year is known as the Spring Festival, heralding the start of a new cycle and energies both in heaven and on earth. According to Eastern Beliefs, how a year begins is a clue to how it unfolds. There is a full month of customs of traditions associated with this occasion.  While some may seem odd to us in the West, they are steeped in ancient logic and custom.
I have put together a small guide to some of the Chinese New Year Customs and celebrations. Complete these 7 tips before the Lunar New Year (February 19th) to bring good fortune to your home and your work.

  1. Give your home a good spring cleaning!
    Bring new energy and flow into your life. Getting organised and doing a thorough clean is a must to welcome new energy and opportunities for 2015.
  2. Decorate with bright red, gold, and orange.
    These colours represent happiness and wealth. Red, in particular, is considered the most auspicious of colours because of its association with fire, brightness and positive life energy.
  3. Place a bowl of fruit on your table.
    Oranges and tangerines symbolize good health and long life. Tangerines with leaves intact symbolize long lasting relationships.
  4. Take care of business.
    Pay up old bills and being the year with a clean slate.
  5. Make amends.
    Clear up disputes and misunderstandings. Start the year moving forward.
  6. Freshen up your appearance and wardrobe.
    Get your haircut and new clothes for a brand new you to start the year
  7. Prepare or purchase food to celebrate.
    Chinese New Year is not a day for work. It is a day to celebrate and eat food especially prepared or purchased for the day.

This year, bring intentions, resolutions, and respect to practice. Seek fortune, prosperity, longevity, happiness and good health, and as you prepare for this holiday, think of the changes you want to make in your life and let the power of the new moon, and the New Year make them happen. Never underestimate the power of intention.
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