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Designs, Shapes and Forms:

Forms and shapes are important when it comes to evaluating rooms, buildings and landscapes. Shapes determine the flow of Qi and Qi defines good Feng Shui. A house with odd shapes, separate wings, or poor continuity will not have good Qi flow. A house with softer shapes, such as squares or rectangles, reinforces good Qi, while a house with irregular shapes reinforce chaotic Qi.
The following is a quick guideline for selecting a floor plan for your home or office:
1. Square – it is the preferred shape for good Feng Shui as it is considered to
balance and create harmony. Square shapes allow Qi to ‘flow with the most ease and with symmetry, stability, and regularity’.
2. Rectangular – it can be just as ideal as the square shape as long as it is not too long
or thin. When the rectangle shape is too long or too thin
the overall energy of the building becomes confined so the Qi of the
building is unable to flow.
3. Round – Qi becomes very concentrated within a circle. Circular shapes are ideal
However, it is too intense for a home. People who spend a lot of time in
circular buildings have a harder time concentrating or sleeping.
4. Triangle – this shape is associated with the fire element. The fire element creates
an intensely unstable flow for Qi, so it is best used with other shapes,
(i.e. peaks, turrets). A triangular floor plan doesn’t allow Qi to flow
smoothly, resulting in an excess of fire energy. This excess can create
conflict and stress within its inhabitants.
Shapes and forms of a building are important when it comes to good Feng Shui. When creating a floor plan, shapes need to be considered because they create the balance, stability and harmony of Qi, making it very important considerations when choosing a home.

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