Limited Time Offer: 50% OFF Marlyna's book "Do You See What I See?" with coupon code "Love+Light"
Limited Time Offer: 50% OFF Marlyna's book "Do You See What I See?" with coupon code "Love+Light"

Who is Joey Yap?

Joey Yap is arguably the premier Feng Shui expert in the world and, more importantly, his clients are some of the most internationally influential people. Businesses, corporations, sheikhs, celebrities, politicians and everyday people are paying attention to what he has to say and are changing how they build their homes, who they hire, and how they conduct their day to day.
Joey is many things: my teacher, a scholar, a businessman, an author (150 books and counting), a TV star, a speaker, and I am honoured to call him my friend.
If you live in Vancouver, you have heard about Feng Shui. You know that much of our Asian population takes Feng Shui very seriously and that, good or bad, it affects real estate sales and prices. But what exactly is Feng Shui? Is it as simple as rearranging furniture? What are you missing out on by not understanding this ancient science? Here is your opportunity to learn more. Joey has agreed to come to Vancouver to do three exciting workshops over two days, beginning with Chinese Astrology, a cornerstone to understanding Feng Shui. He will also be teaching us strategies for property investing and providing us the ultimate blueprint for an insanely successful business.
This is a chance to learn from one of the best. Join us on March 15th and 16th and not only will you have fun, you will learn how to enhance your own life, as well as what Feng Shui is and why so many wealthy and influential business people take it so very seriously. Register online.

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