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A Fresh Start for Fall

Fall is a time of transitions and new starts, and Feng Shui has some guiding principles to help families through this time to create optimum physical health and happiness. According to the Chinese solar calendar, the month of the monkey begins on August 7th. Along with rooster and dog, monkey is an autumn month, part of the metal season, which correlates with Yin Qi and all things associated with the metal element which includes the lungs. With this correlation we see the cold and flu season emerging and the prevalence of  lung or sinus issues. Five Element Theory along with Feng Shui practice suggests start sleeping more, eat warming foods and get your house ready to spend more time inside to support and nurture your family through the winter.

Here are our five tips for a healthy, happy autumn season!

1) Air out your bedding. If you put your quilts and pillows out in the sunshine for 5-10 minutes, bacteria is killed and the bedding captures the last rays of summer.  This helps to keep the energy of the bed fresh and provide better, deeper rest.

2) As the weather cools down, keep the windows open as long as possible into the winter season. The longer you can keep the energy of your home circulating and moving, the longer you can prevent the the stagnant energies of winter from creeping in.

3) Eat in season. If we pay more attention to the rhythms of nature, we are bringing the right energy for each season into our bodies. In autumn we load up on beans, lentils, grains and root vegetables for sustenance through the winter ahead.

4) Eat hot food. To increase the balance of Yang Qi and fire in your life, cook food longer – this is the time for hot soups and stews. In Autumn the metal Qi is strong, and metal Qi is Yin energy.  When Yin Qi is too strong this results in stagnation, sluggishness, fatigue and illness. The disorders related to excess of metal are colds, flu, sinus related issues, and dry skin. So Fire Qi helps to increase Yang and reduce metal Qi to bring balance. Soups and stews that have been cooked a long time are filled with Fire Qi, so it is not just about being hot food it is about cooking it a long time.

5) Turn on the lights! As the outside gets darker, Yin Qi increases, we need to balance it with more Yang energy and that means turning on the lights! You can burn candles or turn on your lamps to help bring your home into better balance. While the summer provides us with an abundance of the fire element through sunshine, the upcoming seasons will lack enough light – balance this with candles. The lighting of candles moves the fire literally and symbolically into the home to create balance.

(Photo credit: flickr/Alias 0591)

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