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Not All Dragons Are Scary: the importance of location

Form School, the pillar of classical Feng Shui, examines the shapes and symbolism in one’s environment. It is based on the idea that land is alive and filled with energy and the shapes we build should harmonize with the natural environment. If your home is to have good Feng Shui, the first priorority is its location. The second priority is the direction it faces. The last priority for your home would be the surface treatment of how it is decorated. Remember, good Feng Shui goes much deeper than home decor and decluttering. A home is like a garden, it must have good energy to begin with in order to produce a life filled with the same.  A beautifully decorated room might have a positive psychological effect, but if the energy is not good from the location and directional standpoints, decoration will not be of much help.
So, let’s talk about that first priority: Location! When choosing a location, the most influential forms that we must consider are mountains and water. Mountains, or large hills, are called the “Dragons” of the land. A  good Dragon form represents opportunities associated with wealth, positive influence and power. Therefore, if you are interested in attracting more wealth or power, you must look for a certain kind of mountain form.
According to the ancient Feng Suhi books, a good mountain is one that resembles a healthy, sleeping dragon: long, fat, lush and stable, with gentle curves – not one that is ‘dead’, or looks barren and rocky.
rocky peaked mountain bad feng shui qi
The ideal location for greater prosperity needs to have a balance of mountain and water.  For example, one of the largest concentrations of billionaires in the world is found  in the Silicon Valley of California. The forms of this area are ideal for wealth building: there are two mountain ranges bordering the valley, the Santa Cruz mountains to the West and the Diablo mountains to the East. These mountains provided a foundation of stability and almost any location is a good location to live. Silicon Valley is in the San Francisco Bay area, with water flowing through it bringing a balance of Yang energy to the Yin energy of the mountains. It is an ideal situation for prosperity and wealth.
Another example is Cypress Bowl in Vancouver. Here we find an earth shaped mountain that resembles a “Huge Door Dragon” form. The British Properties are situated here — a community of prosperous people. These fortunate people reside on an earth shaped mountain. Good quality huge door or earth shaped mountains are associated with real estate wealth. The surrounding mountains and hills plus the Burrard Inlet in the SW location create the perfect Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, or Turtle formation — all Feng Shui factors establishing British Properties as such a desired community for Asian investors.

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