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FOR UPCOMING EVENTS See Marlyna's Calendar for scheduled classes, FB Live Conscious Conversations, Monthly Full Moon Circles and more to support "Being the Best Version of You"

Creating Real Change: Out of Trauma I Found My Dream   

Thirty years ago my oldest son Nathan came in from playing outside. I remember the day well. I was 27 years old, he was 7 at the time. I was living in Victoria. It was a dry February day. “I’m tired,” he said, and he wanted to go to sleep.
He went to bed that day and it would be 12 weeks before he was able to play outside again. It took 2 weeks to find out he had a serious heart infection that would nearly kill him and another 8 weeks before he could leave the hospital.
We never found a medical reason for why he got sick. I felt absolutely helpless. That was one of the hardest times in my life.
Yet, even though I felt helpless, this is when my quest began; my mission to understand what are the forces that create our life and just what can we do to control our life.
I wanted to make sure I did what I could so that my son never got sick again. My initial search and solutions were conventional: food, nutrition, and family therapy.
I’ll be honest. I was full of blame! My childhood, my husband, and my friends, you name it, they were the problem. It didn’t take long for that theory to crack.
After one month of family counselling, I didn’t feel the happiness I thought I would. My husband was hearing me and I was being listened to but I was still unhappy. A new thought occurred to me. Maybe I was looking at this the wrong way. Maybe I was part of the problem.
As life would have it, around that time, two important books came my way. The first book introduced me to Quantum Theory and the science of how the entire universe is made up of particles of energy and that everything is somehow interconnected. I learned that people are energy and that my thoughts were energy and that by changing my thoughts I could change my reality. I learned about Collective Consciousness.
Have you ever asked yourself where do thoughts come from?
The second book was a Classical Feng Shui textbook. I was introduced to the philosophy that 1/3 of our Destiny is determined when we are born, 1/3 by where we live and 1/3 by what we do.
I loved this. It made sense to me. I learned there are things we can control and things we can’t. I also learned that everything (time, buildings, and people) all have vibrational patterns that are interconnected by a life force called Qi and that for thousands of years the ancient Chinese were using this knowledge to benefit their lives.
I was hooked. I wanted to understand and work with energy too.
These two books, along with my son’s illness began my journey of learning and discovery. I have spent the last 30 years travelling the planet, reading 1000’s of books, taking courses, studying with spiritual and metaphysics masters, getting counselling, and in the process became an expert on energy.
But my philosophical and metaphysical studies have ultimately taught me that the world is an expression of ourselves and that only by becoming a “better me”, lifting my vibration, and increasing my light did I  have influence change in others. I didn’t have the power to prevent my son from being sick or the power to prevent people I love from taking drugs and making bad choices. But I’ve learned that I have the power to change myself.
Change is not easy. It is uncomfortable, painful, and takes time and sacrifice.  It means taking responsibility for everything I do and making conscious choices.

Change means making conscious choices for what you do in your life.

The world is full of tools that have helped me. My tools of choice are Feng Shui, Astrology, Business and Personal Counselling. Today, I have good relationships and a business I love where I get to travel. I consult and work with people who want to empower their lives. I get to influence change. It all started when I took responsibility for my life and began the process of changing myself.
I’m happy to tell you Nathan is doing very well. He and his partner are expecting their first child, my new grandson, any day!
And now I am living my dream.

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