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Save The Date! Conscious Conversations Live on Facebook on June 4th. Details coming soon! [More Information](

Do You Have Bad Feng Shui?

Oh no! Your front door is red, you have a mirror in the bedroom, your fish died, and you can see the back door from the front door. Does that mean you have bad Feng Shui? I’m happy to report it is not the mirror or the colour of your front door that define bad Feng Shui. In fact, none of the above is solely responsible.
Yes, there is such a thing as bad Feng Shui but I will get to that in a minute. Often what people think is bad Feng Shui is really the energy of the house or business not supporting what they want or who they are. Some people want a stable, peaceful, quiet life. Others are risk takers, entrepreneurs, ambitious, single, and looking for fun and excitement. In many cases, the energy of the house just doesn’t match the people. Do you see what I am getting at?
Western culture values action. Chinese culture values that which does not change. You can see this in our languages: the English language has a predominance of verbs where as the Chinese language has a predominance of nouns. They value things that will last. Not one is right or wrong, they are just different. You might actually have good Feng Shui but it’s not the right fit for you.
Bad Feng Shui is when the energy of the environment literally exerts a negative influence on the inhabitants. Here are some signs your house may have bad Feng Shui:

  • Bad things keep happening such as accidents and theft
  • You’re tired and/or sick a lot of the time
  • People are arguing, you’re not getting any support
  • Your children are not doing well in school
  • Continual problem expenses (you can’t save money)

So what does bad Feng Shui look like? Real Feng Shui starts with your location within the physical environment. Look around you. What is the quality of Qi present in your environment? Does the location support growth or is there decay, bad smell, craggy rocks, steep slopes and dead trees? Seventy percent of the energy inside any dwelling is determined by its location.
Authentic Feng Shui is complex, both a science and art. The science lies in its fixed rules and methodology and the art is in application (knowing what to do). Understanding Feng Shui is found in seeing and understanding the connectedness of people to their environments. It can be said that we live in a world of manifestation, surrounded by living and non-living things and that we, too, are a manifestation.
Observe your surroundings. Does your environment support you? Awareness is the first step to change. Wishing you happiness and abundance on your Feng Shui journey.

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