FOR UPCOMING EVENTS See Marlyna's Calendar for scheduled classes, FB Live Conscious Conversations, Monthly Full Moon Circles and more to support "Being the Best Version of You"
FOR UPCOMING EVENTS See Marlyna's Calendar for scheduled classes, FB Live Conscious Conversations, Monthly Full Moon Circles and more to support "Being the Best Version of You"

Marlyna Los – Feng Shui Consultant

When I introduce myself out in the word as a “Master of Feng Shui”, I often get blank faces. Even people who think they they know the term Feng Shui, or people who’ve had some experience with New Age Feng Shui tend to get draw a blank, or get the wrong idea when it comes to exactly I do and what does “it” does. So I decided to make a video outlining just what people can expect when they book a Feng Shui consultation with me.
We hope you find this video useful, let us know some of the misconceptions you had in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!

Classical Feng Shui – also known as Traditional Feng Shui – is a practice used to find harmony between people and their environment using a specific set of methodologies and analysis. I can consult on any kind of building at any stage of its development, from conception to completion, although conception is ideal and includes deciding on the lot.
Buildings are analyzed based on desired outcomes, ranging from increased wealth, improved health and harmonious relationships –excellent for those who manage groups of people!
A business consultation can vary from existing businesses to manage and improve staff relationships to perhaps to bring in more money to a retail business. Types of businesses include retail, restaurants, and warehouses.
A Feng Shui consultation involves a 4 step procedure:
Step 1: Observation
The first step is a site and building analysis. There is a saying that 70% of the energy inside any building is determined by what is outside. What that means is that the energy of the surrounding environment has a huge impact on the energy inside the building. The analysis is a huge part because they are all influenced by the forms. If there are good quality forms then the potential of the energy inside the formulas is raised. However if there are lousy forms outside then the whole energy of the building is negatively affected. It is a very important step in this process. We spend 1-2 hours analyzing the outside and inside of a home first.
Step 2: Analysis
The analysis is actually the longest part. The information from observing your property or home as well as the compass directions are used to create formulas based on the ancient Feng Shui schools. Then your birth information is added and a chart is created that tells about the energy of yourself and your family (or co-workers), and what your good elements and directions are. This part of the process can take several hours.
Step 3: Recommendations
You will get a consultation and a report with the best recommendations and possibilities for your home or place of work to optimize the energy of your space, and to bring the goals and desires you have discussed with her that you wish to bring into your life. This may involve long term and short term suggestions, and together she creates a process for you to move forward.
Step 4: Follow-up and Implementation
Now, you may decide based on the recommendations that you will repaint your house with her suggestion of colours, or you may decide that you are going to build an addition to your building, or you’re building and designing a home, or you’re going to do landscaping. I work together with different professionals who are experts in those fields – Designers, Interior Decorators, Architects & builders – to bring you the best possible Feng Shui optimization results.
As you can see, Masters of Feng Shui are not  decorators, but we love working with them!

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