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Limited Time Offer: 50% OFF Marlyna's book "Do You See What I See?" with coupon code "Love+Light"

They introduced us as the Master of Masters

I am so honoured, excited, inspired, humbled, and jet-lagged all at the same time. I am back home in Vancouver from the most amazing trip to Kuala Lumpur and I have so much exciting news to share.

I spent 12 days in classes in 3 separate courses that culminated with the privilege of being asked to be a panel speaker on the final day of Dato Joey Yap’s 4-day Feng Shui Academy Course.

On the final day of a 4-day conference last weekend, I had the deep privilege and honour of being asked by Dato Joey Yap to speak on stage and share my experiences, success, and challenges I’ve had in my Feng Shui career.

There were 4 of us on the panel – 3 of us were women – in front of a room filled with 500 people who were there to learn Feng Shui techniques to change and improve their lives. We were introduced as the Master of Masters.

Joey Yap is an impressive man. He has transformed the Feng Shui industry so much that people from around the world were in attendance.

His ability to understand the Chinese Classics of Metaphysics and Feng Shui and then translate them into modern language and application is unparalleled. But the real wisdom that he offers is not just general knowledge of Feng Shui but the successful translation of techniques of application.

I learned many new things on this trip. I have already started to personally work with many powerful Feng Shui lessons that have already begun to create immediate positive changes in my life. I can’t wait to share them with my clients and students and help influence positive change for them.

In an upcoming blog, I’ll share highlights from one of the courses I just took: the 60 Pillars Destiny Activation. I’ll share what you can do to activate your Destiny versus wait for your fate.

Please enjoy my pictures from Kuala Lumpur trip.
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