Discover the secrets of Classical Feng Shui! My book “Feng Shui: Do You See What I See?” is an introduction and guide to practicing Classical Feng Shui. Learn to see, analyze, create, and choose auspicious properties and homes with classical Feng Shui methodology. Download here:
Discover the secrets of Classical Feng Shui! My book “Feng Shui: Do You See What I See?” is an introduction and guide to practicing Classical Feng Shui. Learn to see, analyze, create, and choose auspicious properties and homes with classical Feng Shui methodology. Download here:
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Welcome May Snake Month – Embracing the Warmth of Fire Season

Hello dear friends,

Welcome May!  May this month bless us all with the warmth of fire and peaceful growth opportunities.

“The Mind is everything. What you think, you become. We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. What we think, we become.”  Buddha

On May 5th, we can all take a deep breath and officially welcome the season of Fire with the beginning of the Earth Snake month.   The image is that of the Sun shining and crops are growing.  What seeds will you plant? What do you want to transform in your life?

For many people April was a month that brought upheaval and change, with its eclipses and double dragons. The Qi stirring up literal earthquakes and eruptions in both the collective and our personal lives.   Secrets were revealed, lives changed course, hidden fears and angers erupted. But with May comes respite and the opportunity to process and course-correct if wanted or needed.

I expect May to be a generally a more peaceful month, however, it’s important to note: the portals of opportunity for raising your vibration and hence improving your life remain open but this requires conscious intention and some work.

Astrologically, we find ourselves in an approximate 4 to 6-year window of “Fire and Transformation Potential” between Period 9 and the Fire Qi of the next few years.  The teachings tell us Fire transforms everything it touches.  But what does that mean?

Let’s look at this through the lens of five element theory.

Yang Fire – The Sun:  it gives us warmth, grows plants, and provides light (a metaphor for inspiration). In short, nothing on Earth could live without the Sun.

Yin Fire – A Candle, a man-made fire, or the stars at night:  it cooks food, boils water, provides light at night (a metaphor for guidance), and melts metal and transforms raw ore into utensils and jewellery.

As you can see both Yin and Yang Fire are catalysts of energy that bring transformation to the substances they touch.

Period 9, a 20-year cycle of Fire, officially began Feb 4th, 2024.  Next year, we enter three years of Fire, with Snake, Horse, and Goat Years. Many astrologers have written about these times, often with fear.  I do not see it that way.  I see it as a great opportunity to bring real change, more compassion, and love into the world.

To work with this energy effectively, there must be an awareness and agreement that all energy is connected.

In Chinese Metaphysics, we talk about the San Cai – The 3 forces of destiny that control our lives: Heaven, Earth, and Human. Each is considered to represent 33% of our potential Destiny:

  • Heaven is the energy of time and unmanifested potential.
  • Earth is the energy of space and manifested reality.
  • And Human is our thoughts and actions.

Fire not only transforms, but also illuminates the shadow and guides us.   The opportunity, both collectively and personally with this illumination is to release old subconscious thought patterns of scarcity and fear, shame, and guilt.  What a gift!  Because now you/we get to choose – what do you want and what emotions do you want to bring with it?  What kind of world do you want to live in, and where are you not congruent with those values?  

If we look at the image of the trigram Fire representing period 9, we see a Yin line sandwiched between two Yang lines.  In Taoism, this represents the middle way, the Tao, the place of harmony and oneness.  In the body, the middle is represented by the heart and in Chinese medicine the heart is represented by the element of Fire. To me Period 9 and the energy of Fire represents the opportunity of living from your heart.

This is the opportunity of Fire – to transform your life to live from your Heart. This form of living leads to peace. For the world to change and for our lives to change, a new way of thinking is required. As all energy of time and space is connected – when we change, the world changes.

Am I being idealistic? Perhaps.  I try not to get too caught up in thoughts of future and past, as the only place we truly have any power is NOW.

Which brings me back to the energy and opportunities of May.  Astrology and Feng Shui, for me, are tools that help me to see the current patterns of energy and work with them, to be in flow.  Life is easier when I am in flow.  May, in general is a relaxed month. Use this energy to spend some time contemplating what you TRULY VALUE and what actions you can take to create solid foundations to support that, whatever that may be. The month will feel light compared to other months.   Use the time to contemplate your relationship with personal power.   Where do you give your power away?   What can you do to live in greater alignment with your highest values?

This is a great time to consider a Feng Shui consultation, which includes a personal reading, to see if your house supports you moving forward and what your chart says about your destiny and karma at this time.   So often I see the homes of clients reflecting their subconscious beliefs and energy patterns, and with just a few changes, we are able to create more flow, opportunities, support and peace.

The universe is always speaking to us, but are we listening? This month the universe is asking us if we are living the life we truly want. If not, what changes do we need to make and what steps should we take to achieve our dreams? Remember, because everything is energy, we are all connected  #TogetherWeAreMore and that 33% of our Destiny depends on our actions. Therefore, choose consciously, wisely, and with love. Remind yourself you’re a powerful creator who deserves to live the life you want. Imagine how much positive change you could make in your life by doing one new positive thing each month over the next twelve months. Last month, I reached out to several people in my life to tell them I loved them.  I cleaned up my finances and cleared up spaces in my house. What action will you take in May?

May the light of Fire bring warmth and joy to you this month.

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