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FOR UPCOMING EVENTS See Marlyna's Calendar for scheduled classes, FB Live Conscious Conversations, Monthly Full Moon Circles and more to support "Being the Best Version of You"

Back to Basics – What is authentic Feng Shui really about?

“I hung a mirror over my stove because according to Feng Shui, it will make me more prosperous.”

I overheard that erroneous comment the other day.

And comments like that often remind me of how “new” Feng Shui is in our western culture.

Feng Shui was introduced to North America in the 1970’s. Since then, almost everyone has heard about it.   

And yet, more often than not, most people I meet, (including the Chinese) have more misconceptions than true knowledge on Feng Shui. Many subjects unrelated to the authentic tradition are presented under the blanket of Feng Shui.   

While it’s frustrating that there is much misinformation about Feng Shui, I am grateful to hear it.  

I am grateful because it fuels my relentless search for the truth that makes me the Feng Shui expert I am today.

Over the last 20 years, I have read over 1000 books on Feng Shui and have travelled to China, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, the United States, Italy and Holland to study with Asian Masters to ask questions and learn first-hand.  

So, what is authentic Feng Shui really about?

Feng Shui literally means Wind and Water. They represent two dynamic forces of the Universe, forces that are continually changing. Together the words embody the creative forces and cycles of the Cosmos.  

Feng Shui is the knowledge and practice of the human search for balance and harmony with the physical environment, in relationship with the natural laws of the Universe.

Feng Shui applies to all aspects of living in the environment on everything from:

  • where and how to build a city,
  • how to site and plan a house,
  • how to arrange the interior of the house,
  • to how to manage your life and run a business,

The concept is to be in harmony with the existing forces of time and space.

What does that mean?  

In essence – to be in right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.  

When there is harmony, there is a birth and abundance of life force. Everything has a pattern of energy that is interpreted into the concepts of  Qi, Yin and Yang and the Five Elements. When Feng Shui talks about harmony with nature, we mean following the natural laws of Yin and Yang, and the Five Elements.  

The harmony and energy of the planet have changed a lot since Feng Shui was introduced to North America back in the 70s. These days, that disharmony is represented by environmental issues that are an urgent concern not only in North America but across the globe.

I believe that one solution to stop the destruction of the planet’s health is for people to re-establish a conscious interconnected harmonious relationship with Nature.  
Feng Shui, this beautiful ancient wisdom, provides the insight, the inspiration and the practical knowledge and tools for us all to achieve this important goal.

In all my years of studying Feng Shui, I’ve learned that the concept of it is neither mysterious, magic or superstition.

It is a universal principle that is embodied within each of us. We all respond to it in similar ways.  

Good Feng Shui will never contradict common sense. Good Feng Shui is always visible by effect. It’s not necessarily how beautiful a space is, but rather does the energy of the space support people to be productive, have opportunities and do better.

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  1. Hi Marlyna,
    Your wonderful Blog is a proof of how your understanding, knowledge and your hard working are in harmony and in balance. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Soussan. Feng Shui is a wonderful tool for everyone. You have known me now a few years and can see how Feng Shui has influenced my life. Wishing you well!

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