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City Centre 1, Surrey, Lark Group

Surrey-building-3Classical Feng Shui is steeped in theory, and sometimes the best way to show its merits is through a project example. Recently, I was honoured to be asked by Vice-president, of Lark Group Ltd., Kirk Fisher to consult on a large project. I’ve worked with this company before, assessing existing buildings and optimizing the spaces once they were completed, but this is the first time they’ve had me in at the development stage. Ideally, Feng Shui is most effective at the design stage, before key things like direction and door placement have been decided, but there are many approaches and remedies that can be implemented at all stages, including finished buildings.
City Centre 1, a professional Building in Surrey B.C. was conceived to be a contemporary integrated office space for corporate businesses and medical professionals. I was brought in mid-development and asked to optimize this building for prosperity and success.
By charting the building into segments according to the Flying Star (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) method, it was clear that this building was already naturally suited for medical professions, but needed a few balancing adjustments to protect the workers from stagnation that could result in difficult working relationships and health issues.
Surrey Building 1We started by moving the electrical and maintenance room to a better area. We also identified the best rooms for key workers that would help support their job functions and good communication.
But what I found most exciting about this project is how they handled implementing “the cure”. Because, the Qi of the building was already effective for the medical and real estate professions, I recommended abandoning the initial water feature that had been included in the design, which would further accelerate this energy, and suggested that a metal sculpture be installed. Metal is the appropriate cure to bring this 2 Star sector in balance so that the health and well-being of the workers in the building would not be compromised by potential stagnation that could result in poor working relationships and possible health concerns.
As you can see in the photos, Lark Group found a fantastic looking solution! Let us know your thoughts on the metal cure in the comments below!
It was a real pleasure to collaborate with a company whose core values include: Trust, Respect, Integrity and Honesty. I’m looking forward to next time!

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