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What is a Feng Shui cure?

Feng Shui Cures

Have you ever wondered at those strange little mirrors and wind chimes seemingly haphazardly hung on weird little corners of houses in Vancouver? To the western eye, this aesthetic seems bizarre and random, but here’s the scoop: Five Element Theory is one of the methods used used in Traditional Feng Shui to bring balance to a space. Water and metal are two examples that are used to activate positive sectors and metal to bring balance to negative sectors. An example of metal is wind chimes. . It’s called introducing “a remedy” or sometimes, “a cure”. An example of metal is Wind chimes, or a chiming clock.

Now we’re not suggesting that wind chimes and fountains are a necessary cure. Traditional Feng Shui is a complex methodology –not reliant on New Age intuition– and what cure is right for your home depends largely on your goals, the direction of your home, and the environmental elements that aid or impede the gentle flow of Qi.

When we’re analyzing your home or workplace, the first stage is to indicate what life situations you’d like improved. Health, wealth and familial or work relationships are some from which to choose, but you are the one to have agency. Basically, you can adjust your home to facilitate faster wealth growth or convivial relationships, or both, but not all spaces are suitable for all outcomes.

Once your goals are determined, a chart of the space is prepared based on the compass directions that divides the space into 8 different sectors. Then, according to the 5 Element Theory and Yin and Yang Theory, we are able to see how we can balance the different areas to facilitate the right activity (certain locations are better suited for sleeping, for example).

The cure can be as simple as moving a piece of furniture or equipment, for Yin and Yang Theory. Or introducing a plant or water feature, as for 5 Element Theory.

When Feng Shui is balanced, more opportunities come your way, and this is what we mean by “living in harmony”.

But in order to cure your Feng Shui, you will need to know what your goals are, and have get your space analyzed for good Qi. Book your appointment.



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