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Do You Need a Feng Shui Metal Cure?

Are you like me?  Do your eyes roll at the words Feng Shui cure? If you have little or no experience with Feng Shui I can understand why you scoff at the thought of Feng Shui curing anything, but why after 20 years of in depth study and experience do I still grimace at the thought of Feng Shui being a cure? Let me explain:
First, I ask you to have an open mind. The study of real Feng Shui begins with awareness. Note, I am talking about Feng Shui as it is traditionally practiced – not superstition or New Age thought. Awareness comes by asking questions and observations.
Have you ever observed and then wondered why:

  • Certain areas of every city are more prosperous than others?
  • Certain business locations seem to have bad luck?
  • Certain areas of town have more crime?
  • Within your own home, one area of the home feels more comfortable than another?

Well, the ancient Chinese scholars did wonder all of the above; they did not see humans as separate from their environment, but that we are interconnected to the forces of the entire universe.
They saw that there was an obvious link between the lives of humans and features they saw in nature. These links are invisible and can only by observed by seeing their effects through patterns of connection. They saw that everything pulses with life and that everything interacts with everything else.
The science of harnessing this energy to support human life became known as Feng Shui. The concepts used to describe and work with Feng Shui are Yin and Yang, Five Elements and Eight Trigrams.
Now – back to Cures. To say I want you to use Metal as a cure doesn’t make sense unless you understand there is a little of the theory. All of Feng Shui energy is described in terms of Yin and Yang and Five Elements. Bear with me as I very briefly describe the concepts of Qi and cures that underline Feng Shui.
The Five Elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. These terms are not meant to be taken literally; rather they are descriptions for types of energy. Shapes, colours, seasons, time, body organs, foods, landscape features, careers, illness, directions and even time in short everything is categorized to be one of the five elements. In 5-element theory when one force is out of balance we use the other elements to restore harmony.
In the Flying Star school (the most commonly practiced form of Feng Shui throughout Asia), when Earth is out of balance the classic texts describe situations of sickness, obstacles and even catastrophe. The most common remedy for an Flying star earth problem is Metal. This can be metal sounds, or metal objects, or even objects that are associated with metal. Metal wind chimes, metal sculpture, white lion sculptures are all considered metal cures.
I don’t pretend to understand why it works. I just know after 20 years of observations, and thousands of personal experiences, that applying a metal cure to an earth problem shifts the energy in a positive way. I see now what the ancient scholars of China first observed. Encoded into each aspect or detail of nature and our lives is a message, or type of energy. These messages have a sacred quality, when we respect these messages the practice of Feng Shui is a powerful tool available to all of us to live our best and most successful life.
Wishing you all peace and prosperity.
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