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“Understand your life and master working with energy by learning BaZi" - Marlyna Spring BaZi Mastery Immersion Program starts April 13th https://marlynaconsulting.com/course/4-pillars-bazi-mastery-immersion-spring-2024-program/

Destiny: It’s Not About the Hand You’re Dealt, But How You Play Your Hand

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the subject of Destiny. As a young teenager, here in Vancouver, I would spend hours reading metaphysical books in the Banyan Bookstore Loft. I was drawn to learning like a moth to a flame. I was looking for answers. Why am I here? What is my path? Who am I?
Since my days as a teenager, I have studied many things from Western and Vedic astrology, psychology and religion. In 1995, I focused my study on BaZi (also known as Chinese Astrology, Chinese philosophy and Feng Shui). I can truly say the BaZi knowledge I have learned since then has changed my Destiny.
What do I mean by that? I’ll explain by sharing with you a little of what I’ve learned. But first, a little philosophy.
The Chinese have a very holistic approach to life and they see destiny and opportunity as a combination of factors. In ancient China, sages believed there were natural laws under which the universe operated known as the Cosmic Trinity. They taught people that the Universe is composed of three interconnecting vibrational forces: Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck.
They saw that success and opportunity are a combination of the Cosmic Trinity, each exerting an influence equal to 33%. With man at the centre, the environment (including all things on heaven and earth) is considered to be an integral whole.
They believed that Heaven determines your inborn strengths, weaknesses, characteristics and personality and that Heaven Luck is the unique blueprint of potential you were born with and the influences of time. Were you born into a rich family? Are you pretty? Athletic? Smart? Do you have a nice singing voice? You cannot change your Heaven Luck, but Man Luck and Earth Luck are within your control to change. They saw that this is how you can improve your life, create opportunities and change your destiny.
Man Luck is your own efforts, education, hard work, persistence and determination. Earth Luck is the energy of your environment. Just like a plant needs good soil and the right conditions to thrive, so do you. Feng Shui was developed based upon the belief in the Cosmic Trinity and came to be the study and manipulation of Earth Luck.
The ancient Chinese did not see Destiny as Fate or about what is written in stone. Rather they saw Destiny more about capacity and potential. Destiny is, hence, the term used in Chinese Metaphysics to describe a person’s capacity and potential in life. It is about understanding who you are, and then making the right decisions or taking the right actions to achieve or even avoid certain outcomes. “It’s not about the hand you’re dealt, but how you play your hand”.
According to BaZi, taking control of your life begins with understanding yourself as well as your potential and probabilities and then taking the right actions. When we understand and know who we are and the potentials of what lies ahead, we are then able to strategize and plan our actions accordingly. Life’s challenges become manageable.
The ancient Chinese sages discovered an intricate code within our birth data (year, month, day and hour) that contains information on who we are, our potential and probabilities. Your BaZi chart is a matrix of that contains the information of your talents, your strengths, weaknesses, successes and challenges in life along with the cycles of time you are influenced by. Understanding this information is incredibly empowering.
In my work as a Feng Shui consultant and teacher, I have encountered many people who wanted to believe that their lives were 100% within their control and that they could achieve anything they wanted in their lifetime. I really wish this was true. At some point, they would realize that there are greater forces at work in their lives and that things happen that are beyond their control. This is true for everyone.  A banana tree bearing fruit in Vancouver in November just will not happen no matter how hard we visualize it.
The study of Destiny does not mean you do not have control over your life. It’s about knowing what is within your control and ability and what is not and aligning yourself to the right actions at the right time.
Feng Shui / BaZi experts were the original life coach or counsellor. They were even the HR Managers for Emperor families. The role of BaZi is to help you understand the path in your life and to guide you to living a better life. Today, people around the world are learning BaZi or hiring BaZi consultants like myself to improve their personal and business life.
Several years ago a wise teacher of mine taught me “Suffering occurs when you are not in alignment with your destiny” and “the goal is to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.” Essentially, understanding and controlling your Destiny is a matter of being in tune with the universe.
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