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FOR UPCOMING EVENTS See Marlyna's Calendar for scheduled classes, FB Live Conscious Conversations, Monthly Full Moon Circles and more to support "Being the Best Version of You"

What would you do differently if you knew what was coming?  

In 2006, I had been studying BaZi (Chinese astrology) long enough to see that the coming Year of the Metal Tiger in 2010 was going to be a challenging year for me. By 2009 I began experiencing first-hand results of what was predicted for me.
The implications were that I would earn less money and there would be challenges and events happening in my life that would affect my wellbeing. To say I was concerned is a bit of an understatement. I had studied the patterns and cycles of the Chinese Calendar against my chart long enough to know that I was going to have a year where it would feel like I was pushing a river and that business wise it would be difficult to get things done.
So what to do?
I asked a Chinese teacher for advice and the advice, or Ancient Wisdom she shared with me changed my year.
She agreed with me that the energy of the upcoming year would create change and likely be a challenge and suggested a strategy of punishing myself.  The theory being instead of waiting for the year to create changes that would force me to react, choose the change myself ahead of time. Essentially punish myself instead of waiting to be punished.
“Get ready,” she said. The idea is when expecting difficult times, reduce expenses; lead a simpler life (avoid drinking alcohol and unnecessary socializing) and get ready for when your ‘luck’ turns around. Get ready could mean going to school, learning a skill, or writing a book. And each day spend time alone, studying something spiritual and exercise.
I did all that and I used Feng Shui to facilitate my changes.
In 2009 I decided by choice to cut back on teaching and consulting and write a book and to move to a smaller place. I chose an apartment with the perfect energy to support me while writing the book.
As predicted, 2010 was a challenging year. My parents ended up needing a lot of care and attention. My father was in and out of the hospital and I earned less money than the year before.
But it ended up being a great year because the decisions I made to downsize and live differently gave me the freedom I needed to be able to write the book and to care for my parents. And even though 2010 was tough, I could see in my BaZi chart that 2011 and on for many years would be so-called ‘good years’. This gave me the confidence to make decisions to move my business forward.
In 2012 I moved again. This time I needed a place to grow my business. I specifically looked for a space that would support growth. By seeing and understanding what was ahead, I strategized and acted accordingly to change my luck. My expectations were in line with what nature’s cycles.
Since 2006 I’ve been taking control of my luck with the help of Feng Shui and BaZi. It’s my dream is that everyone has access to this information. I’m so lucky that I get to teach and consult all that knowledge and expertise with you. Studying Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology is not just for those who are thinking of a career change, it is for understanding how to empower yourself and create a better future and fortune.
Next week I start a series of blogs teaching you how to read your own BaZi chart and see what your life has in store for you.
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