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Getting the best Qi out of your home in 2017

We’re moving from the Year of the Fire Monkey in 2016 into the Fire Rooster in 2017. It’s going to be another powerful year.
How and what that means to you depends on different factors. For example, in Chinese Astrology, the Fire Rooster is considered the most powerful of all the 60 pillars.

Last week, in preparation for my upcoming annual Feng Shui and Astrology Forecast workshop, I spent some time researching about the upcoming Year of the Fire Rooster and Chinese New Year. There are lots of online articles out there on the subject and I found one with teachings from Dato Joey Yap. (Joey has been one of my Feng Shui teachers)

Here are the highlights of the article I read (from Eliza H)

“It’s the Year of the Fire Rooster and feng shui expert Dato Joey Yap has mapped out a basic understanding of how the Qi (energy) in 2017 will affect you in the home on matters like health, wealth, and careers. See his notes below.

SOUTHEAST – Investment & Promotion
-Energy of the sector will allow full growth in wealth
-Profits are boosted through investments or business cycles
-Healthy career development will provide great joy
-Conducive for planning marriage or starting a family

SOUTH – Calamity
-Bears the most negative energy of the year
-Most inauspicious sector to begin endeavours with
-Avoid renovations or ground-breaking works in this sector
-Negative energy can be repressed with heavy metal objects

-Inflicts adverse effects on emotional and physical wellbeing
-Introduces a plague of various illnesses
-Causes ruthless competition at work that will impact your life
-Arguments are bound to occur with partner if bedroom is placed here

EAST – Wealth
-Fruitful if activated as the main Wealth sector of the year
-Maximizing sector benefits will increase wealth accumulation
-Professional pursuits will flourish in this Wealth sector
-Solid foundation will be in place for future promotions at work

WEST – Arguments
-Sector contains negative energy of the three jade star
-Promotes conflicts, arguments, and heated disagreements
-Legal complications will cause health problems
-Placement of oil lamps will suppress negative energies

NORTHEAST – Academic
-Encourages scholarly and academic pursuits
-Boosts endeavors in humanities, literary and artistic fields
-The Main Door here will result in fulfilling journey for distant travels
-Promotes meaningful and fulfilling relationship with love interest

NORTH – Career/Authority
-Profitable career prospects throughout the year
-Initiatives at work will be recognised by superiors
-Social influence will improve by using this sector as the office Main Door
-Causes minimal complications in the form of upheavals in the office

-Turbulent energies will inflict severe health complications
-Aggravations of existing medical conditions
-Expectant mothers and babies may face pregnancy issues
-Negative energies can be suppressed by placing heavy metal objects”

Thank you Joey for such a detailed explanation.

Of course, there is much more to it – as it depends on the overall energy of your home in the first place. Places with overall good Feng Shui will always be more stable.

But… what creates good Feng Shui? Always good external and internal forms.

And… what are good forms? External forms are the exterior environment outside the home or business and internal forms are the building design and layout itself.

There’s a lifetime of things to fully understand and learn about Feng Shui. And if you’ve made it this far down the page, I should ask… do you want to learn more?

If you’re truly serious about using Feng Shui in your life or business or want to become a practitioner, you can study with me at my East West Academy – Feng Shui, BaZi, & Practitioner Mastery Programs.

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