Changing Your Space, Changes Your Life Feng Shui Mastery Immersion Program starts September 14th
Changing Your Space, Changes Your Life Feng Shui Mastery Immersion Program starts September 14th

Studying Feng Shui in China: Mountains produce “noble” people

September 2014: It’s Day 4 of my week-long study tour of China with Joey Yap as my instructor. I’m sitting in a bus en route to our first destination with a group of people from around the world. The group comprises  of very experienced to beginner students of Feng Shui. I’m halfway through a week-long trip  through China to take my knowledge of Feng Shui to deeper levels. Joey has taken us to numerous temples and sites to show and teach us the Qi of mountain forms and formations in special sites.  
That week-long experience of studying Feng Shui in China changed my life.
It gave me a perspective on Feng Shui that others rarely see. It also taught me how complex and difficult Feng Shui is to master.     
Learning the formulas of Feng Shui is easy, but learning how to see and interpret Qi and how it interacts with formula is the tricky part. The hard part of Feng Shui is learning to assess Forms.  
The reason we were in Jiangxi is that it is known for producing “noble people”. ( such as high ranking imperial officials and spiritual leaders)
The mountain ranges located in the province of Jiangxi have produced:

  • 144 Prime Ministers
  • 5442 Imperial Officers
  • 300 Top Generals
  • Numerous Taoist and Buddhist spiritual teachings and leaders

For a small province, this is an extraordinary percentage of high ranking people.   
Why is that?
In Feng Shui speak, it is mountains that govern people and water that governs opportunities for wealth.
The energy of the mountains and mountain formations of the Jiangxi province is truly amazing. The people that live and work in the  area become amazing as well.  
Think about that for a second. The Jiangxi example  implies that where you live has direct bearing on what you become.  
Jiangxi is a moderately prosperous province and it is known for producing extraordinary people. As Feng Shui students, we were there to see and assess the mountains.
Mountains (in Feng Shui) are referred to as Dragons. In China, the Mountain Dragons originate from the Kun Lun mountain and from there branch out to 7 trunk mountains, with a main trunk going through the province of Jiangxi. The ancient Feng Shui classics refer to these mountains as mountains that produce immortals.

They say a picture says a thousand words.  

We are on our way to see San Qing Gong, a 1600-year-old temple.

  • Immortal Mountain of San Qing Shan  

3 Immortal mountains home of 1600 year old temple
It was a misty cool day with a long tough hike with many steps and narrow paths, but everyone made it to the top where San Qing Gong, the ancient 1600 temple is located. We are at the site of Mount Sanqing, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the 5 most beautiful mountains in China.
San Qing Gong Temple 1
The temple is built on a meridian energy spot located in a ‘Nest Formation’ within a ‘ High Level Cloud Rain’ formation.  This is truly a magnificent Feng Shui site. This is a mountain site sacred to Taoists. Sanqing means Three Pure Ones in Chinese, with the 3 summits representing the Taoist trinity. According to the San He Feng Shui classics, the temple is built on an energy spot that produces immortality.  
For centuries, people have come here to seek divinity and spiritual enlightenment. You can literally feel the energy. Everyone could feel it. Despite the 3 hour cold and misty climb, everyone was rejuvenated. It was simply amazing.
San Qing Gong Temple 2
San Qing Gong Temple 3
Immortal Mountain of San Qing Shan was an incredible place to visit. Seeing the mountain forms and learning about their Feng Shui significance was exhilarating. In the next few weeks, I’ll share more real world Feng Shui teaching examples from my 2014 trip to China as I’ve done here, complete with more stunning pictures.

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