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Save The Date! Conscious Conversations Live on Facebook on June 4th. Details coming soon! [More Information](

The Ciyun Buddhist Temple & Walking the Dragon at Qinglong Mountain

On my recent trip to China, there was one day that really stood out from the rest for beauty and spiritual significance, affecting all of us in our sight-seeing group profoundly. We had been having rather full days of travelling to Feng Shui significant and spiritual sites (for details, read here) with our tour organizer and teacher, Joey Yap. I don’t think and of us were aware of what we were about to experience at the Ciyun Buddhist Temple at Qinglong Mountain.
Having arrived at the Temple site, there were many walking routes to take within the Temple grounds , we were encouraged to explore independently and head to where our intuition pulled us. We passed by and through individual shrines and ancient tombs from the 1600’s along the way. The most amazing thing happened, all of us were pulled up the stairs and through the temple grounds to the shrine located at the back. The air was still and most walked alone, choosing their own routes. But instead of ending up at the main temple, we all ended up at one particular shrine, the one dedicated to the Deity called Manjusri, the bodhisattva associated with transcendent wisdom.
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Now I cannot emphasize enough how strong this compulsion truly was. There were a couple of people who actually arrived from behind, and literally clawed their way through brush to arrive at this site. This was so unusual that when one of the resident monks passed us all, his jaw literally dropped!
Like all temples of significance, this one is located on an energy meridian, the place where the surrounding mountains meet to create a particular land formation that is considered a Praying Palm formation, like a benevolent hand in praying position (palm facing up), or a lotus flower in cabbage formation. The energy matches its name, benevolent and loving.
We spent quite a bit of time here meditating, and all of us – even though not all of us were spiritual – we all had profound and wonderful experiences. Aches, pains and worries disappeared and were replaced with deep sense of well being.
ciyun copyI asked for wisdom and enlightenment and I felt my heart burst and my energy radiate over fields of sunflowers, sunrises and mountain peaks. I was moved to weeping and felt deeply connected to universal consciousness. I connected to my soul, remembering my essence, who I am. Since I’ve come home, I still carry with me these feelings – complete and filled with compassion, love and purpose. It was amazing.
I have since learned that this ancient temple has attracted healers, monks, and pilgrims for centuries to study, heal, meditate, contemplate and learn, who then like me take their new found knowledge and awareness of compassion and energy to others. It was a life changing day!

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