Changing Your Space, Changes Your Life Feng Shui Mastery Immersion Program starts September 14th
Changing Your Space, Changes Your Life Feng Shui Mastery Immersion Program starts September 14th

Time To Pay Attention – Month of the Water Rooster

The Chinese Month of the Water Rooster began on September 8th The Rooster month in the year of the Pig will for most everyone bring some relief (what that might mean for you?) following the cosmic challenges of the last couple months.

The Rooster represents the element of Yin Metal and it’s associated with the setting sun and the direction west.  The original image for the Rooster is that of a wine flask, which indicated it was time to leave the tasks of the day, relax, enjoy a glass of wine, listen to music and watch the sun set.

The sign of the Rooster represents all things to do with the element of metal.   In five element theory Metal is about taking action and movement. It is the strongest of the 5 elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal).  If the metal is weak in your chart taking action may be difficult for you, whereas when it is too strong you may be all doing with no planning.   You may get lots done, but work too hard.   Lack metal -nothing gets done.

In the human body the element of metal rules the lungs. It is interesting to note that people whose charts have strong metal frequently have respiratory problems.  The emotion of metal is romantic and sometimes sad. Metal energy is associated with melancholy, wistfulness and longing. Positive metal emotions are altruism and a highly developed sense of right, wrong, fairness and justice.

The last couple of months have been filled, for many, with sudden emotional and physical health issues.   Anyone with Pig, Monkey or Tiger in the chart was particularly susceptible.  The Solar and Lunar eclipses in July pushed many into forced or chosen changes.    Many dealing with fatigue, feeling something is missing, dissatisfaction and sorrow.

The impetus is to choose, decide and commit to higher purpose.  To do so means transcending fear and speaking your truth.   Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

The energy of the Water Rooster month is filled with emotion. I suggest that you see this as an opportunity to express what you may be repressing and not actually allowing yourself to feel.  The energy of water and metal is a portal to your emotions and feelings.   So use this energy to explore the bigger picture of what really matters to you and where you are heading in life.  This is a perfect month to define your vision.

Note, this is all very simplistic.

You can do this on your own, but I encourage you as well to consider supporting yourself by having an in-depth analysis done of your Chinese Astrology Destiny Chart.     With our first breath we were imbued with the energy blueprint of the cosmos at the moment.  Your own personal chart is a mixture of energies identified from the year, month, day and hour of birth.   This blueprint reveals how you think, why you think the way you do, your strengths and weaknesses,  cycles and more.  How we choose to work with these patterns contributes greatly to the successes or failures we may experience in life.

Just as a plant in a garden grows in spring and rests in winter, we too have cycles of growth and rest.  By understanding and working with the patterns of the 5 elements and time we can be in flow and right action at the right time and life is easier.

with love, Marlyna

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