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Save The Date! Conscious Conversations Live on Facebook on June 4th. Details coming soon! [More Information](

Urban Planning and the Development of Cities with Feng Shui

My good friend and colleague Ricardo Peralta Castillo was recently here visiting me in Vancouver. He’s an architect, works with urban planning, and expert on sustainability from Mexico. We met a few years ago taking classes with Joey Yap and reconnected as we travelled through China on last year’s Feng Shui study trip and tour.

This was his first trip to Vancouver. We had a fun and fabulous week studying together and exchanging our different knowledge and experiences of Feng Shui and Astrology.  We spent several days exploring the mountains and waters of Vancouver.

Here’s what he recently wrote about Vancouver –

“Located in the extreme west of Canada and classified as one of the three most livable cities with a better quality of life of the world. Vancouver appears to have it all, a natural “laid back feeling” and at the same time a vibrant atmosphere of a thriving a prosperous city.

At each step and each perspective, it is clear that place generates the ideal platform for this Qi to happen. Mountain ranges with special formations, forests, rivers and lakes espouse the city, making an almost impossible network of streets and avenues with finials toward the rocky mountains and bodies of water in the whole of the urban fabric. Just like an echo in this movement of the energy of the Qi.

The investments of Asia and America won’t stop flowing towards the real estate market of higher value of Canada. Vancouver emerges so bright and the landscape is not only beautiful but inspiring: Nature and man in a strong embrace of life, prosperity and wealth of qualities that are unique in the world.”

Ricardo is a partner in a Feng Shui Consulting firm in Mexico that is building cities with Feng Shui as part of the process from the very beginning. You must check out their website and Facebook Page. They have amazing graphics which are the best I’ve seen to depict how Feng Shui works.

I believe that when large developments, neighbourhoods and cities are able to use Feng Shui from the beginning, the design of the roads, locations of the stores, hospitals, schools and homes are all strategically placed in such a way that they receive the best energy possible to support that particular type of activity.

Urban planning developments with good Feng Shui have less crime and support people to get ahead in life, to live successfully, and achieve their goals.

It is my goal that we build cities in Canada using Feng Shui. I introduced Ricardo to several business owners and developers I know to show my Canadian colleagues what is being done in Mexico and to plant seeds in them for the future.

Here are some of the pictures Ricardo took while visiting here in Vancouver.
Van Ric 2 Van Ric 3 Van Ric 4 Van Ric 5 Van Ric 6 Van Ric 7 Van Ric 8 Vancouver Ricardo

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