Two new BaZi classes to deepen your knowledge in March! Chinese Astrology for Health and Well-Being 2024 and Design Your Destiny: An Intro to BaZi Chinese Astrology 2024
Two new BaZi classes to deepen your knowledge in March! Chinese Astrology for Health and Well-Being 2024 and Design Your Destiny: An Intro to BaZi Chinese Astrology 2024

It’s November, the month of the Wood Pig

Wood Pig Month, November 2019

The key ingredient to living out your destiny, is you.

Oink, Oink, It’s double pig. 2019 is the year of the Earth Pig – Ji Hai, and now  from Nov 7th until Dec 6th,   we are in the month of the Wood Pig – Yi Hai.   Whatever your year has been to date, is an indication of what’s in store for you this month.  The energy of the month, for all of us, is intense and promotes self-discovery.

With the Pig month we enter the season of water.   Water, when in balance, is associated with communication, deep thinking, philosophy, travel, sex, entertainment, freedom,  and the colours of black and blue. Water, when out of balance, include the possibility of lack of focus, fear, over analyzing, restlessness and procrastination.

This is a month for listening to not only others but to that voice inside yourself. , Where in your life do you need to pay a little more attention?  What do you need to focus on? Awareness is always the key to change. November will push us to feel, and what we are feeling is what we need to investigate. The opportunity for us is to confront our hidden or surpressed  issues and take action on what we need to change and transform.

A powerful tool for helping us to achieve this is to set intentions.  Ask yourself, what do you want? and then decide what you can do to move in that direction.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

The ancient Chinese scholars realized that luck was not random, that luck was energy and that by doing the right thing at the right time, we could tap into this energy.  We can create our own luck.  Some months and years are easier than others. We’ve all had times in life where out of the blue an opportunity comes along, and other times, when no matter what you do, you feel blocked and challenged.  However, challenges, though when handled correctly, are really opportunities. They show us where we are meant to focus and grow in our lives. Not every month or year is a time to forge ahead and expand. Sometimes, the correct response and opportunity is for us to be still, to focus on ourselves and our personal growth and education, and may be a time to nurture yourself.

In November, if you have a Tiger, Rabbit or Goat in your chart in one of your four pillars (Year, Month, Day and Hour) you can expect good things. There are people to help and support you and opportunities are coming your way.

If you have a Snake, Monkey or Pig in your chart, this is a good month to focus on self-care and keep a lower profile, both socially and in business.  This is not a good month for you to make a large investment or commitment.  Positive self-care is the action for the month, and this doesn’t mean more wine or rich food.  It’s a great month for extra time for yoga and spiritual studies.

Ultimately, we are the master of our own path in life. Are you open to change?  Make 2020 a happier and more successful year. Book your life coaching 2020 Analysis now.

“Everyone has a calling, and your real job in life is to figure out as soon as possible what that is. Who you were meant to be? and to begin to honour that in the best way possible for yourself.  Remember, together we are more.  Bring grace into your life by focusing on gratitude.”

Sending love and light to all of you,


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