Discover the secrets of Classical Feng Shui! My book “Feng Shui: Do You See What I See?” is an introduction and guide to practicing Classical Feng Shui. Learn to see, analyze, create, and choose auspicious properties and homes with classical Feng Shui methodology. Download here:
Discover the secrets of Classical Feng Shui! My book “Feng Shui: Do You See What I See?” is an introduction and guide to practicing Classical Feng Shui. Learn to see, analyze, create, and choose auspicious properties and homes with classical Feng Shui methodology. Download here:
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Month of the Fire Dog News

month of fire dog

Hello my friends

2020 is not over yet. We have more to go.

The Age of Aquarius is on the cusp, but we’re not there quite yet. The signposts have been there for us to see for awhile now.  Where are you in your life, adapting or stuck, loving or filled with fear, regressed or growing, joining or separating?  This is the year where you are faced with your fears and you get to  reflect on what  your values are and who are you? (Or who you want to be?)

It’s the year of the Metal Rat, ground zero, zero degrees on the San He compass.  The planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto remain in Capricorn.   Beautiful Capricorn with heavy, serious, tough, restrictive guidance. Stern Saturn who follows the rules, and takes care of business and tells us to grow up and really understand cause and effect and personal responsibility. And then there’s Plutonian Pluto asking you, what is your relationship with personal power and resilience? Yes 2020 continues to test us. That’s what it’s supposed to do. We all signed up for this.  As I’ve said before, there is no accident that you are alive at this time on this beautiful planet.

Whether you look at Saturn and her messages, or that of the Metal Rat, the message is the same.  They point to the personal growth and work in our lives that we MUST do no matter what.  We are not finished with 2020 yet.  Saturn is now moving direct, she leaves Capricorn Dec. 17th after nearly 3 years changing the energy and bringing certain aspects in our lives to the forefront, bringing it all together with the full Solar Eclipse on Dec 14th.   What aspect in your life needs attention?  What areas of your life need cleaning up?  Where are you giving your power away?  Where are you not in alignment with what you desire?

I look to and work with all astrology for guidance.   It is the Chinese Calendar though that I resonate with the most.  On October 8th at 4am in the Tiger hour, on the day of the Wood Monkey, in the year of the Metal Rat, the month of the Fire Dog begins.

There are a lot of messages to be interpreted. The hexagram for the Fire Dog month is Mountain.  The image is interesting: it is morning, the Sun is shining bright. The mountain is a volcano, there is fire rumbling inside.  The message from the I Ching  “The virtue of a mountain is stillness. Growth is generated and maintained without strain.  Stop unnecessary activity.  Take time to reflect, guard against exhaustion. With calm and inward focus, one can clear the mind of selfish thoughts and desires and maintain the tranquility of the Mountain”.

The astrology chart for the month indicates a lot of metal; the day, month and year all have metal.  Metal is the dominant Qi of autumn, and this year even more so. Expect more of what metal represents to be present in our lives.  Metal is a Yin and introspective type of Qi.  In the body, metal governs Lungs and Large Intestine.  The emotion for metal is melancholy and grief. If the element is out of balance in your life, there will be sadness, and illness related to sinus, shortness of breath, constipation or diarrhea.  There will be a tendency to fear.

Here is where the opportunity comes in.  What can you do?  Follow the guidance of Mountain and Saturn. Be still, look inward, cultivate yourself and becoming a better person.

Use common sense.  Take care of yourself.  Get enough sleep, get lots of fresh air, be in nature and eat healthily.  In Chinese Medicine foods like onions, turnips, cauliflower, apples, potatoes and pears are examples of foods that help boost or tonify the energy of the lungs and large intestine meridians. Avoid phlegm producing foods such as dairy and sugar.

Feng Shui – if you know eight mansions, use the Tian Yi direction and location of your home to boost your health. In Flying Stars, use your personal nobleman and resource elements strategically to locate yourself.

If you have options in your living and work spaces, this month the best locations to spend time in are the Northwest, and Southeast, and Southwest.   If you’re not sure  you may want to consider getting a consultation by emailing me for more information.  As I’m working online now, I consult with people from all over the world.  All we need to get started is a floorplan of your space and your date of birth, then review your personal chart together with an analysis of your space and come up with the best options for you.

Astrologically – the Dog is friends with the Rabbit, Tiger and Horse.  This is the time to expect opportunities to come your way.  For you, things should flow relatively smoothly this month.

The Dragon and Rooster, no pain no gain.  Be true in what you say and be kind to others.  The world is a reflection and this month will show you where you need to work in your personal life.

What more is there to say?  Lots!  Join me in my monthly “Conscious Conversations with Marlyna”. I will discuss all this and more in more depth in my Facebook live on Tuesday Oct13  at 9:30 am.

May the upcoming month of the Fire Dog fuel and bless us all with light, love and inspiration to live and do better.

Love and light,


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