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FOR UPCOMING EVENTS See Marlyna's Calendar for scheduled classes, FB Live Conscious Conversations, Monthly Full Moon Circles and more to support "Being the Best Version of You"

Suffering Occurs When You Are Not In Alignment With Your Destiny

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What we do with our lives from birth to death is our life path.  When we are aligned with our Destiny, there is fulfillment, when not we suffer.

Dr. Lily Chung was one of my first teachers, I studied with her intensely for 10 years. In one of my first classes with her, she sighed deeply as she looked at my Four Pillars chart and looked for the words to tell me what she saw. She told me that the good news was I am tough, Yang Metal – a Sword, and the bad news was I needed to be.  She saw a difficult chart and that there was painful karma reflected in the chart around my parents, my siblings,  my marriage and relationships and then she said, “Suffering occurs when you are not in alignment with your destiny”.

That event, with those words, changed my life.  Much of what she saw in the chart by circumstances was already true. My marriage of 20 years had recently ended and at that point I had never met my birth parents. But instead of being discouraged by what she said, it ignited a passion in me that exists to this day. A part of me knew through the spiritual studies I had done all my life, that we are not meant to suffer, that we have choices and that everything happens for a reason. I was determined to find out more and have devoted the last 20 years of my life studying and travelling the world with the top Feng Shui and Spiritual masters of this world.

I know now it is my Destiny to teach and be a light and catalyst for others to transform their Fate into a life of fulfilled Destiny.

The moment of our birth is no accident. As souls, we choose the circumstances, the lessons, and the people to whom we are born.  Everything happens for us not to us, the circumstances of our birth and life are there to teach us and if we are open to ultimately transform us.  When we are able to learn and see this, we are able to look at the world with new eyes, be curious and see everything as an opportunity. When we take action, through awareness, we are able to transform Fate and truly create Destiny, the life we are meant to lead. Warning though – that might look different than you expected.

With our first breath, we are imbued with the energy of the cosmos in that moment. The energy is a blueprint that tells us of our strengths and weaknesses, our opportunities, our pitfalls and blind spots, our attitudes and so much more.

Activating Destiny comes through actions gleaned through awareness and awakening.  That particular day with my teacher was a moment of awakening for me.  The journey to choose to awaken is a choice.  Destiny is something you choose to create as opposed to Fate and waiting.  The world is full of opportunities, especially now in this time of the Pandemic.  

Real change must come from within. The purpose of my 1:1 readings, consultations and classes are to help you be who you are truly supposed to be. Destiny is stepping into the energy and potential that represents you in this lifetime.  When you change yourself your Feng Shui will change to match you. 

Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui are metaphysical keys to unlock doors and potential. They give us new ways to look at ourselves and the world. They are tools that I use every single day to help myself, my students and my clients.

If you’d like to understand the “whys” about your own chart, I invite you to join me on June 6th for  my New Updated Design Your Destiny 2.0 – Introduction to Chinese Astrology | BaZi Online Class which will be recorded and available for 90 days online.

Love & Light

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