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Save The Date! Conscious Conversations Live on Facebook on June 4th. Details coming soon! [More Information](

Two important reasons to use Feng Shui by Marlyna Los

#1 – More opportunities and positive results! Good Feng Shui means a home or business with positive energy, which in turn equals more opportunities and positive results for your efforts.
 #2 – A clear mind! To think clearly, know what you want and to have the ability to focus to complete the tasks at hand is a goal for many.    Feng Shui is not a magic cure all, but the right environment will help you to mentally and physically be your best.    Depression, confusion, lack of motivation, laziness is a problem for many – your home may be contributing to the problem.  Good Feng Shui can support you with more energy so that you can be the best you can be.

It’s simple – good Feng Shui means an environment filled with positive and supportive energy.  Some of this is common sense; imagine an uncluttered, clean, tidy, bright, open, spacious room versus a messy, dirty, dark, cluttered room.   It is immediately obvious which room has better energy.  However Classical Feng Shui goes far beyond the obvious. We live in a world of complex magnetic and electrical energy fields. We all know that our bodies work on energy, and this energy is circulated by magnetic and electrical energy waves.   In Feng Shui we see and interpret this energy in terms of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements.  For example -the energy by the ocean is Water Qi; the energy up in the mountains is Earth Qi; the direction east is Wood Qi, the direction of west is Metal Qi.   Wood Qi is related to growth and education; Fire Qi is happiness, inspiration and passion; Earth Qi is integrity, reliability, and stability; Metal Qi is justice, fairness, logical and analytical thinking and Water Qi is wisdom, communication, and movement.
Feng Shui is not one size fits all. Each of us has our own unique energy blueprint.  In Feng Shui we use BaZi, an oriental profiling method of analysis to determine what elements, directions and locations are best for you.
People often ask me as I walk into a space, do I think this place has good Feng Shui?  My first question is always, “How is your life?” Beautiful design and décor is not a guarantee for good Feng Shui.  While Qi is invisible, it is visible by effect.  In a home with good Feng Shui the people are happy and healthy, the relationships are good and finances are improving.  In a business with good Feng Shui the customers are satisfied and spend money, the staff works well together.  An environment with good Feng Shui exudes growth and life.  Who doesn’t want that?

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