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Location, Location, Location – Feng Shui Forms and Formula

When it comes to being a homeowner and choosing a home that has good Feng Shui, it’s not “what’s inside” that matters to support you in life. What really matters is “what’s outside” your home.

Understanding how to read the energy of the environment surrounding a home and what it means are the keys to me being goal specific in supporting my clients with Feng Shui.

By analyzing the Feng Shui forms and formulas, I can determine whether your home supports many things about your life, your career, and relationships just by reading the energy outside your home and using my compass.

There’s a saying in Feng Shui that says “70% of the energy inside any home is determined by location.”

Why is this important to know? Because 30% of the “luck” and opportunities that exist in our lives is created by where we live and our surroundings determine that “luck”.

On one level that’s not so hard to imagine.

Imagine three identical homes; one in the suburbs, one on a lake with a view of the water and surrounded by hills, and one backing onto a busy highway. Even without knowing anything about Feng Shui, you probably have a sense of the “luck” and energy of each of these homes.

But, here’s how I take this a step further with Feng Shui.

I start with observing the surrounding physical environment outside the home and determine the highest nearby hill or most dominating feature. I determine the compass directions and in what sector that hill or feature is in relationship to the home or business in question. Each direction holds a different type of Qi and potential. The house sectors in relation to the outside sectors tell a story.

For instance, if I see a beautiful hill in the SE sector, the energy is supportive for academic and scholarly pursuits, coaching and or education. A hill in the West is good for communications and dealing with people, branding, and any business that deals with complex calculations.


SW – anything to do with property investments, insurance and real estate.
South – technology, beauty, metaphysics, life transformation, optician, telecommunications
SE – gardening, fashion, architecture, academic and scholarly pursuits, education, coaching
East – sports, physical related work, agriculture, physical movement
NE – conventional healing, well being, fitness, body or mind improvements
North – consulting, trading, logistics, aquatics
NW – accounting, finance, legal, military, anything to do with regulations

This is just a short list of what the different sectors represent. In truth, each sector surrounding your home or business can represent many things.

And, the quality, height, flow and more determine the quality of those attributes in your life. For example, if a sector is incomplete, missing or negative, this, in turn, has a negative effect on the home.

Understanding and reading energy of the different sectors is how I can tell what is going on in people’s lives. Clients often wonder if my ability to do that is intuition, but it’s not. My ability to read energy is based on ancient concepts that have been proven over time with hundreds of years of correlative evidence.

I invite you to learn to learn the ancient science of Feng Shui. It’s one of the most powerful tools that you can use in your life. Join me –

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