We are excited to announce that the Feng Shui Mastery Immersion Program will be starting September 14th. Only 12 new students will be accepted. To be placed on the waiting list, please send an email marlyna@marlynaconsulting.com
We are excited to announce that the Feng Shui Mastery Immersion Program will be starting September 14th. Only 12 new students will be accepted. To be placed on the waiting list, please send an email marlyna@marlynaconsulting.com

New Age Feng Shui versus Authentic Feng Shui

The misconceptions that exist around Feng Shui drive me crazy.

The latest one someone told me was that they heard they could fix their love life with Feng Shui by hanging two hearts over their bed.

Don’t people have common sense?!

Twenty years ago when I first started studying Feng Shui, I too read some books that talked about these 8 sectors of Romance, Career, Children, Health etc. and how the placement of symbolic objects of either metal, ceramics, water or fire you could change your luck.

This method of Feng Shui was not Classical Feng Shui and did not take compass directions into consideration. It was a very easy form of Feng Shui to use.

I was new to the idea of Feng Shui back then and for several months, I played with the placement of objects. But the whole while I did so, at the back of mind something bothered me.

The first thing that bothered me was my awareness of how energy plays such an important role in our lives. Energy isn’t just one size fits all. Directions, locations, mountains, water all change the quality and type of Qi. doorways and windows that face North have a different energy than South or East. This energy awareness had no significance in this simplified type of “object placement Feng Shui” and it confused me. It just didn’t make sense and it didn’t work.

As a result of being so confused by this in-authentic Feng Shui and wanting to learn the authentic aspects of Feng Shui, I kept studying. I was a nowhere close to being the Feng Shui Master I am today but I had an awareness of energy. I knew some homes made you happy and others didn’t and I wanted to know why.

Today, my desire to learn has driven me to read over 1200 books on Feng Shui and study with 8 Masters.

Feng Shui is not easy to learn, and if you are not prepared to invest time and resources to master this art, you will find yourself disappointed with Feng Shui.

Most Feng Shui theories are abstract and profound and require the help of an authentic Feng Shui Master to explain them. Unfortunately, there are many New Age

Feng Shui teachers out there without integrity who take advantage of people that want a quick fix to their problems, all just to make money.

These so-called teachers will instruct “positive thinking is a powerful Feng Shui tool” but positive thinking is not Authentic Feng Shui. Authentic Feng Shui focuses on your living environment and how it affects you. And, whether you believe in it or not, it affects you.

New Age Feng Shui is symbolic, involves placement of items, and requires you believe in it. It has maybe at best a short-term psychological effect and is not Authentic Feng Shui. And no amount of positive thinking is going to make a tomato grow outdoors in Vancouver in November.

Nowhere in the ancient classics on Feng Shui does it mention the placement of lucky objects.

The study and practice of Classical Feng Shui are about harnessing and tapping into the forces of nature to promote your wellbeing. When you become a Feng Shui expert, you become an expert on reading patterns of energy.

The Four Categories that comprise Classical Feng Shui are:

  • The Physical Environment outside your home or business – 70 % of the energy of any space is determined by location.
  • The Building – Does the building receive Qi? Does the building distribute the Qi? Does the design correctly support Yin and Yang? Does your home or business have the specific type of Qi you want? Can you tap into it?
  • Time – In Feng Shui, there are schools based on time that have formulas that tell us about the quality and intensity of Qi and its effects over time on the residents.
  • People – Feng Shui is not one size fits all. People have energy systems too. To maximize the energy of a space, we take the person through the equation.

The Four Categories above are studied with the Chinese Classical Metaphysical systems of Feng Shui (San He and San Yuan) and BaZi (Chinese Astrology) and are the basis of the Mastery programs that I teach.

For me, real Feng Shui is Authentic Feng Shui with real techniques and formulas that work. No New Age Feng Shui with silly trinkets or lucky objects.

Once a year I teach an in-depth Feng Shui Mastery program in Vancouver in the summer  https://marlynaconsulting.com/feng-shui-practitioners-mastery-program-fall-2022/.  The program consists of three modules:

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